About My Vegan Family

... you're never too old or too young to go vegan.

My Vegan FamilyMe (Vegan Mom), My Mother (Vegan Grandmother), My Teenage Son (Vegan Sage), Riley (Our Rescue Cat), Sugar (My Mom's Dog), Ricardo and Lucy (Our Neighborhood Burro / Donkey Friends)

Welcome and Thank You from My Vegan Family

Welcome all vegan friends and veg-curious

To our vegan food website written in rhyme

We hope you have fun and enjoy your visits

We appreciate you and we value your time

We're a three-generation family of vegans

I'm Vegan Mom with my Sage teenage son

Plus his Grandmother now in her seventies

We help you go vegan in ways that are fun

We were raised eating meat, eggs, and dairy

But we all chose to go vegan a few years ago

Now we're sharing tips that we have learned

On vegan nutrition and on all that we know

We thank you for choosing to eat vegan food

And for deciding to live your life cruelty-free

Thank you from each of Life's sentient beings

Thanks from my family and thank you from me

~ Vegan Rhyme

Thank You for Healthy Vegan Food

Thanks for the best vegan foods on the planet

For the vegan nutrition that our bodies need

Thank you for healthful fruits and vegetables

And for every grain, nut, legume, and seed

Thank you for foods that are high in calcium

With adequate protein and sufficient iron

Thanks for the wealth of foods for vegans

All are vitamin-rich and nutritionally fine

Thank you for culinary herbs and spices

Imparting new flavors in each vegan bite

With health benefits plus exquisite taste

Mother Nature makes vegan foods right

~ Vegan Rhyme

Thanks for Vegan Health Benefits and Vegan Nutrition

Thank you for Nature's heart-healthy foods

Thanks for every cholesterol-lowering dish

Thanks for plant-based foods as medicine

True healthy digestion is yours if you wish

Thanks for all immunity-building vegetables

Thanks for vitamin-packed nourishing fruits

Thanks for the protein in nuts and legumes

And in leafy greens, and in stalks, and roots

Thank you for all the foods for lustrous hair

Thank you for foods for clear healthy skin

By choosing a whole-food plant-based diet

Your vibrant health you're choosing to win

~ Vegan Rhyme

Thanks for Vegan Food Products

Thank you for vegan convenience foods

For when vegans are so pressed for time

Eating store-bought snacks occasionally

Is an indulgence but it's hardly a crime

Thanks for vegan burgers and hotdogs

And thank you for great vegan cheese

There's nothing that can't be veganized

To vegan pizza you can say Yes Please

Thanks for transitional vegan junk foods

Indulging is fine if it's just once in a while

'Cause vegan cake, candy and ice-cream

Are the sweetest good reasons to smile

~ Vegan Rhyme

Thanks for Vegan Restaurants and Vegan Apps

Thank you to all the great vegan chefs

Thanks for every vegan culinary school

The future of our food is all plant-based

Thank you for leading and being so cool

Thanks for a world of vegan restaurants

In most every country and city and state

And with vegan phone apps for dining

Vegan traveling is stress-free and great

~ Vegan Rhyme

Thanks for Vegan Recipes and Vegan Cookbooks

Thanks to the dedicated vegan bloggers

For their vegan recipes published online

They make vegan cooking adventurous

With vegan recipes that are simply divine

Thank you to every great vegan YouTuber

For their easy-to-follow vegan food videos

Thanks for the fun and helpful vegan hacks

Thank you for easing all of our vegan woes

Thanks for the amazing vegan cookbooks

For seasoned chefs and for beginners too

Thanks for the range of books for vegans

They make going vegan far easier for you

~ Vegan Rhyme

Thank You for All Vegan Diets

Thanks for the whole-food plant-based diet

A vegan diet with a health-conscious name

Thanks for a vegan diet of processed foods

To the voiceless billions it's really the same

Thank you for the strictest fruitarian diet

Which some vegans find far too extreme

Thanks for raw foods for fully raw vegans

Not needing to cook is no longer a dream

Go vegan today to be healthy tomorrow

For our planet and for those with no voice

Choose a vegan diet that's perfect for you

Because going vegan is always a choice

~ Vegan Rhyme

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