The Best Vegan Aquafaba Cookbooks

A Fun Guide to Aquafaba Recipe Books for Vegan Baking and Cooking

Vegan Aquafaba CookbooksVegan Aquafaba Cookbooks | Vegan Rhyme

Aquafaba cookbooks come to the rescue

Vegan egg-replacer makes it easy for you

Discover the hidden magic in bean water

Transform all savory and sweet dishes too

Enjoy recipes for meringues and cookies

Savory treats like vegan hollandaise sauce

It is believed that this ingredient is magic

Use this bean magic in every food course

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The Best Vegan Aquafaba Cookbooks for You


For vegans and for peeps with egg allergies

There's not much this egg-replacer can't do

Find recipes for crepes, quiche, and waffles

Burgers, macarons, and marshmallows, too

Leftover bean liquid has magic properties

It can be used to make dairy-free cheese

The recipes in this book are all excellent

The gorgeous photos are sure to please


Find over one hundred egg-free recipes

Make falafels with a dreamy pesto mayo

Vegans worldwide can now truly rejoice

For your vegan baking it's the way to go

Make herbed nut cheese and doughnuts

Baked Alaska and the best whoopie pies

Treasure the liquid in your can of beans

Create an aquafabulous magic surprise


Replace all the egg whites in savory dishes

Plant-based cooking has now come alive

You can live without using dairy and eggs

On a vegan diet you are certain to thrive

The bean liquid has thickening properties

It can also emulsify, foam, and even bind

A perfect ingredient for all vegan baking

Make delicious foods that are also kind

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Cookbooks are a chef's dream come true

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