10 Plant-Based Dragon Fruit Recipes

10 Vegan Dragon Fruit Recipes10 Vegan Dragon Fruit Recipes

A Fun Guide to Vegan Dragon Fruit Recipes

Dragon fruit recipes are quite magical

Incredibly healthy and they look nice

Find recipes for dragon fruit ice cream

Serve after dinner of dragon fruit rice

Brunch is pancakes with dragon fruit

Pink dragon fruit sodas are always fun

I hope you love these healthy recipes

Soon you will taste your favorite one

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I am incredibly grateful to the dedicated bloggers, vegan chefs, and brilliant food photographers for their healthy fruit recipes. I am truly in awe of their exceptional talents. Hopefully these recipes will motivate you to eat more fruits each day. Enjoy these fruit recipes.

10 Vegan Dragon Fruit Recipes

Dragon Fruit Salad Bowl Recipe

Fresh Pitaya Bowl Dragon Fruit Salad

Dice white dragon fruit with fresh mango

Add cubed papaya and fresh pineapple too

Enjoy this whole-food plant-based recipe

It is vitamin-packed and so healthy for you

The pitaya skin creates a beautiful bowl

For a dinner party serve this with pride

A healthy dessert for a plant-based diet

Or a dragon fruit salad served on the side

Dragon Fruit Vegan Cheesecake Recipe

Vegan Dragon Fruit Cheesecake Bars

You can go vegan and still eat your cheesecake

Enjoy this raw cheesecake dragon fruit recipe

A plant-based dessert with healthy ingredients

It is delightful to taste and quite dynamic to see

The brownie crust has walnuts, dates, and cocoa

Cheesecake is raw cashews and coconut cream

Dragon-fruit maple swirl mixes with raspberries

This raw dessert is dairy-free and a vegan dream

Dragon Fruit Coconut Rice Recipe

Vibrant Dragon Fruit Coconut Rice

This is a whimsical and vibrant vegan side dish

Made with pink dragon fruit and coconut rice

The taste is slightly sweet and perfectly sticky

With a pop of color that looks especially nice

Made using dragon fruit and pineapple juice

With a light splash of freshly squeezed lime

Jasmine rice marries well with coconut milk

In this festive vegan dish that's also sublime

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Scoop dragon fruit with baby bananas

Add pineapple that is frozen or fresh

Place in a blender with coconut water

Where these fruits all magically mesh

For the dragon fruit smoothie toppings

Fresh fruits like blueberries do just fine

Add coconut flakes and a vegan granola

For a crunchy texture that proves divine

Dragon Fruit Rainbow Rolls Recipe

Dragon Fruit Rainbow Rolls

Dragon fruit rainbow rolls are delightful

They're a psychedelic treat for the eyes

Cucumber slices, avocados, and carrots

Plus a dragon-fruit rice noodle surprise

Use basil and marinated rice paper wraps

To recreate this elegant dragon fruit recipe

With a smooth peanut butter dipping sauce

This vegan dish will make your guests happy

Dragon Fruit Chia Pudding Recipe

Dragon Fruit Layered Overnight Chia Pudding

Mix chia seeds, maple syrup, and almond milk

Place together in a jar in the fridge overnight

Layer dragon fruit smoothie in the morning

For a vegan breakfast that feels just right

Garnish the dragon fruit chia seed pudding

Add fresh mint and frozen blackberries

Enjoy this nutritious plant-based meal

It is fiber-rich and always sure to please

Dragon Fruit Ice Cream Recipe

Vegan Dragon Fruit Ice Cream Recipe

This pink dragon fruit ice cream is dairy-free

A plant-based dessert and a fun frozen treat

Using dragon fruit, almond, and coconut milk

It is vegan ice cream that you'll want to eat

This recipe does call for an ice cream maker

And it will also need a few hours to freeze

But it is well-worth the time and the effort

Making this ice cream will feel like a breeze

Dragon Fruit Overnight Oats Recipe

Overnight Oats With Dragon Fruits and Dates

Combine oats for a heart-healthy breakfast

Add dragon fruit and dates for your soul

These overnight oats are very nutritious

Using plant-based foods that are whole

Pour almond milk and dates into a blender

Layer the dragon fruit and the oats in a jar

Enjoy your overnight oats in the morning

This easy vegan breakfast will carry you far

Wholewheat Pancakes With Dragon Fruit Recipe

Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes with Homemade Tempeh Sausage, Dragon Fruit, and Dark Chocolate

Dragon fruit and dark vegan chocolate

Over a banana and spelt flour pancake

Perfect for a vegan brunch on Sunday

This is a recipe that you'll want to make

The vegan eggs are flaxseed and water

The plant-based pancakes are dairy-free

Serve with homemade tempeh sausage

Eat one pancake or have two or three

Pink Dragon Fruit Soda Recipe

Pink Dragon Fruit Soda

This homemade pink soda is magical

There is fresh dragon fruit living inside

No harsh chemicals or fake sweeteners

This drink has been dragon-fruit dyed

You simply strain dragon fruit puree

Add simple syrup and juice from a lime

Pink dragon fruit soda is so refreshing

And the color will impress every time

Enjoy These Vegan Dragon Fruit Recipes

Enjoy making these magical vegan dragon fruit recipes

They are fun to make and delightful to drink and to eat

Remember fresh and organic dragon fruit is healthiest

But all these fruit recipes are perfect for a vegan treat

Vegan Dragon Fruit Recipes | Vegan Rhyme

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