10 Plant-Based Fig Recipes

10 Vegan Fig Recipes10 Vegan Fig Recipes

A Fun Guide to Vegan Fig Recipes

Find ten easy-to-prepare fig recipes

All are vegan so they're all dairy-free

Start your day with a fig chia pudding

Or your tahini and fig green smoothie

Enjoy homemade fig pasta entrees

There is fig ravioli and fig pizza too

Dessert can be fig truffles or fig cake

With chocolate fig ice cream for you

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I write in rhyme because, like nursery rhymes and songs, words written in rhyme are easier to remember and to connect with. As a bonus, they're fun to read aloud with kids and friends - to inspire them to eat healthy plant-based foods and to go vegan!

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I am incredibly grateful to the dedicated bloggers, vegan chefs, and brilliant food photographers for their healthy fruit recipes. I am truly in awe of their exceptional talents. Hopefully these recipes will motivate you to eat more fruits each day. Enjoy these fruit recipes.

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Question: Are Figs Vegan?

There is an ongoing debate as to whether or not figs are suitable for vegans. According to the Vegan Society: “Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.”

I eat figs because I see no cruelty involved, but only you can decide what's right for your vegan diet. ~ Vegan Mom

10 Vegan Fig Recipes

Tahini Fig Smoothie Recipe

Tahini Fig Smoothie

Grab fresh spinach and ground cinnamon

For a green smoothie that is all dairy-free

Buy bananas, dried figs, and almond milk

Chia seeds or oats and also some tahini

Place a few ice cubes into your blender

Add ingredients and blend well on high

Drink a tahini fig smoothie for breakfast

For good energy as the morning goes by

Almond Milk Fig Chia Pudding Recipe

Almond Milk Fig Chia Pudding

Make or buy any natural soy yogurt

Almond milk, vanilla, and chia seeds

Combine with fresh figs and granola

This is a fig recipe your body needs

Soak the chia in the fridge overnight

Peel a few of the figs and then mash

You will be prepared in the morning

So it is easy when you need to dash

Vegan Fig and Wild Mushroom Ravioli Recipe

Vegan Fig and Wild Mushroom Ravioli

Vegan fig and wild mushroom ravioli

This entree is truly a foodie's dream

Homemade pasta is not too difficult

This dish is easier than it may seem

You only need twenty-five minutes

To create this vegan ravioli delight

Wild mushrooms, figs, plus garlic

Vegan pasta that's perfectly right

Vegan Fig and Kale Pesto Pizza Recipe

Vegan Fig and Kale Pesto Pizza

This dairy-free pizza is fantastic

Use fresh figs and curly leaf kale

If you've never made vegan pizza

This is a fig recipe you cannot fail

Use olive oil, almonds, and garlic

Pine nuts, lemons, and parsley, too

Bake fig and kale pizza for dinner

This vegan recipe is great for you

Rum Cardamom Fig Chocolate Truffles Recipe

Rum Cardamom Fig Chocolate Truffles

Rum cardamom fig chocolate truffles

You may think you're in vegan heaven

The only concern with this fig recipe

Is that you'll want to eat six or seven

Use dried mission figs and raw cacao

Coconut oil, maple syrup, and rum

With vanilla extract and cardamom

These vegan truffles are oh so yum

Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Fig Bars Recipe

Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Fig Bars

Raw vegan fig bars with peanut butter

Enjoy a rich melt-in-your-mouth taste

Whip up a batch of raw vegan wonders

And not even a crumb will go to waste

Dried figs, coconut nectar, and walnuts

Smooth peanut butter and some sea salt

If you just happen to eat one too many

They're like fudge so it's not your fault

Raw Vegan Fig Blueberry and Coconut Cake Recipe

Raw Vegan Fig Blueberry and Coconut Cake

Serve this raw vegan coconut cake

Figs and blueberries make it great

The fruity flavor is simply magical

And it looks so pretty on your plate

Raw macadamia and raw pistachios

Plus dates make the vegan crust raw

With a cashew, fig, blueberry filling

Your guests will be begging for more

Vegan Dark Chocolate Coconut Fig Ice Cream Recipe

Vegan Dark Chocolate Coconut Fig Ice Cream

Enjoy vegan ice cream with dark chocolate

Coconut milk, vanilla, and a coconut cream

Add figs, corn starch, and organic beet sugar

For a velvety smooth fresh fig frozen dream

Fig ice cream takes twenty minutes to make

And then an extra four to six hours to freeze

This fig recipe is easily made in your blender

A vegan ice cream you can make with ease

Oatmeal Fig Bars Recipe

Oatmeal Fig Bars

These oatmeal fig bars have zero dairy

As an extra bonus they are gluten-free

The crust uses rolled oats and oat flour

For a vegan fig bar that you bake easily

Spice with ginger and ground cinnamon

Add maple syrup and sweeten to taste

Total time needed is just forty minutes

Guaranteed all fully devoured in haste

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Fig Pudding Recipe

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Fig Pudding

This chocolate fig mousse is totally vegan

With a smooth and creamy consistency

Using golden dried figs and coconut milk

It is a plant-based treat and a fig recipe

You'll need coconut milk and cocoa powder

For flavorful garnish try the coconut flake

As an option use some tart dried cherries

This fig pudding is easy to eat and to make

Enjoy These Dairy-Free Fig Recipes

Enjoy these ten easy-to-make fig recipes

They're all plant-based and delicious too

Fresh and sun-dried figs are so nutritious

Fruit recipes are vegan and good for you

Vegan Fig Recipes | Vegan Rhyme

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