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Healthy fruits with rhymes about their health benefits listed alphabetically from A to Z:

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Healthy Fruits

Fruit as Medicine

Vegan MomVegan Mom

While studying for my Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine, I was first introduced to the concept of 'Fruit as Medicine' for the body and the mind. The courses on Chinese Food Therapy were always my favorite at university, and I have been fascinated with the healing properties of fruits ever since. I learned about the nutrition and health benefits of each fruit, how different fruits were traditionally used to treat symptoms and diseases, and I developed a profound respect for all plant-based whole foods.

Since going vegan with my family a few years ago and following a mostly whole-food plant-based diet, I have developed an even deeper appreciation for all the health benefits these amazing healthy fruits have to offer.

I've always loved fruit, and my favorite foods have always been tropical fruits. Some of my best memories from my childhood and my travels include trying exotic fruits for the first time.

A World of Healthy Fruits

A World of Healthy Fruits

One of my first childhood food memories is of eating a juicy mango with my parents and my sister in the Indian Ocean in Durban, South Africa.  We stood waist-deep in the sea so that we could drip sticky mango juice without a care and clean off easily when we were through. Every time I eat an aromatic, juicy mango, I am instantly transported back to that fun, sunny day at the beach.

I was lucky to have been raised with fruit trees in our garden. We had apricot, avocado, loquat, peach, and plum trees growing happily in our backyard. The trees were great for climbing, hiding out with a good book, and for picking a healthy snack right off the branch. We also had a mulberry tree and gooseberries, and there was even a boysenberry patch hidden among my dad's vegetable garden. It was these berries that started me on my path to being berry-crazy. I don't have a favorite berry. I love them all! 

As a child growing up in South Africa, papayas, passion fruits, cantaloupes, pineapples, lychees, guavas, and mangoes were staples in our kitchen, although we knew some of them by different names: papayas were pawpaws, passion fruits were granadillas, and cantaloupes were spanspeks. Either way, they were all delicious, but it was through my travels over the years that I discovered a world of healthy fruits that were foreign and exotic to me.

Fruits Beyond Apples, Bananas, and Oranges

I was 14 when I ate a kiwifruit for the first time in Hawaii. I fell in love with their beauty and taste, but it was only later in life that I learned to appreciate the many health benefits of kiwi. Perhaps it was my childhood travels and that first kiwifruit that have made it impossible for me to stay in one place for too long - and to settle for a life of apples, bananas, and oranges. There are just too many healthy fruits around the world waiting to be tasted!

Today, 'digital nomad' is a common term, but for most of my adult life I have chosen extensive and low-cost travel over stability.  In every country that I visit, I always seek out new fruits to try from the local markets. During my year-long backpacking adventure through Thailand, I got to experience longans, mangosteens, and rambutans for the first time. I even bought that notoriously stinky fruit - durian - at a street market in Malaysia. Oh, and for the record, I love durian!

Kiwifruit, Persimmons, and Dragon FruitKiwifruit, Persimmons, and Dragon Fruit

I had my first taste of dried persimmons many years ago when I visited San Francisco's Chinatown.  These days, I still get excited when I find fresh or dried persimmons at my local Asian grocery store. (If you have trouble finding any of the healthy fruits on this list at your local market or grocery store, see if you have an Asian store nearby. Their affordable selection of tropical fruits and veggies never fails to impress me.)

I picked my first ripe starfruit off a tree in Costa Rica, and I had my first experience with dragon fruit in Nicaragua, during my travels through Central America with my son. I neglected to do my research before consuming much more dragon fruit than I should have. This incredible healthy fruit can definitely have a laxative effect! I don't often buy dragon fruit these days, because it's difficult to find them fresh and at an affordable price in the U.S. where I now live.

My Wish for You

I am content with my memories for now, and I am looking forward to my next travel adventure to experience more healthy fruits for the first time. My wish is for you to try every healthy fruit on this list - at least once.

I hope you enjoy learning about the health benefits of each of these fruits. They're all written in rhyme because, like nursery rhymes and songs, words written in rhyme are easier to remember and connect with. As a bonus, they're fun to read aloud with kids to hopefully inspire them to eat more healthy fruits!

List of Healthy Fruits from A to Z

Thanks for this rainbow of healthy fruits

Listed alphabetically from A through Z

Perfect for vegan and plant-based diets

Providing health benefits and energy

Acai Berry

Acai BerriesAcai Berries

The Health Benefits of Acai Berries

Enjoy the health benefits of acai berries

Find acai bowls at your health food store

They may protect against heart disease

Against diabetes and cancer and more

Acai berries may reduce your appetite

Making weight loss far easier for you

They also boost the health of your skin

Improve memory and brain focus too


Red AppleRed Apple

The Health Benefits of Apples

Eating an apple a day is well-prescribed

And they're found worldwide with ease

Apples may lower your risk of suffering

From a number of cancers and disease

They are great for your skin and vision

For intestinal health and digestion too

Apples will also aid in your dental care

These healthy fruits are so good for you



The Health Benefits of Apricots

The many health benefits of apricots

Include occasional constipation relief

Apricots help to strengthen your bones

And they'll tend to your earache grief

They treat anemia and skin disorders

And improve the health of your heart

In a diet that's rich with healthy fruits

Apricots should contribute a vital part



The Health Benefits of Avocados

From morning sickness to arthritis

To treating a vitamin K deficiency

Avocados have many health benefits

So enjoy a fresh bowl of guacamole

Avos protect your liver and kidneys

And they're beneficial for athletes

For help with weight management

Include avocados as healthy treats



The Health Benefits of Bananas

Bananas have many health benefits

They treat ulcers, anemia, and more

For a bunch of nutrients with fiber

Buy bananas at your closest store

Bananas relieve menstrual problems

Like excessive bleeding and also pain

Eating bananas throughout the month

Is a healthy fruit never eaten in vain

Bell Pepper

Bell PeppersBell Peppers

The Health Benefits of Bell Peppers

The bell pepper is really a healthy fruit

It's not a vegetable as it contains seeds

They're extremely high in antioxidants

Giving eyesight the protection it needs

They help maintain good mental health

And can promote a healthy pregnancy

Good for your immunity and your skin

Because peppers are high in vitamin C



The Health Benefits of Blackberries

Blackberries aid normal blood clotting

They're a natural source of vitamin K

For sluggish movement of your bowels

This high-fiber berry will save the day

Effective for memory performance

And also helpful during pregnancy

They are a source of natural folate

To protect the growth of your baby



The Health Benefits of Blueberries

Blueberries are called a superfood

They help delay the aging process

And with urinary tract infections

Their health benefits will impress

They improve your brain function

And will boost your immunity too

Though blueberries may look tiny

They're enormously good for you

Enjoy the health benefits of blueberries with these 10 plant-based blueberry recipes.



The Health Benefits of Cantaloupes

Cantaloupe helps with asthma prevention

And offers you the very best in skin care

Incorporate this healthy fruit in your diet

For well-moisturized and radiant hair

Cantaloupe regulates blood pressure

This sweet melon treats arthritis too

And thanks to its high-water content

It will always naturally rehydrate you



The Health Benefits of Cherries

They say that 'life is a bowl of cherries'

So eat a handful of cherries or two

They will help boost your immunity

And offer protection against the flu

Cherries protect eyes from infection

And help maintain a proper heart rate

As a treatment for nervous disorders

This healthy fruit helps you feel great



The Health Benefits of Clementines

Clementines help electrolyte balance

They are an excellent digestion aid

For strengthening bones and muscles

Nutritionally this fruit is well-made

Clementines boost your immunity

They're good for your skin and brain

Include clementines into your diet

Glowing health is what you will gain



The Health Benefits of Coconuts

Drink coconut milk and coconut water

And eat the meat of the coconut too

These healthy fruits are so nutritious

As a whole food they are good for you

Coconuts kill disease-causing bacteria

Used in the prevention of tooth decay

Providing strong antimicrobial benefits

They'll protect you in most every way



The Health Benefits of Cranberries

These berries can treat peptic ulcers

For cancer prevention they are great

Cranberries have antitumor effects

As high in antioxidants they rate


Cranberries ward off tooth decay

They strengthen teeth and bones

Useful for urinary tract infections

They help to prevent kidney stones



The Health Benefits of Cucumbers

Cucumbers help in controlling diabetes

They can manage blood pressure as well

For maintenance of your overall health

These healthy fruits are incredibly swell

They assist in constipation prevention

And for your skin care they will do fine

Though one may think they are a veggie

They are a fruit and are simply divine


Date FruitsDate Fruits

The Health Benefits of Date Fruits

Dates are used to prevent night blindness

And provide intoxication effective relief

For when you're suffering from diarrhea

These healthy fruits will stop your grief

Dates protect from abdominal cancer

Treat anemia and boost your energy

They are good for your nervous system

And dates may eliminate your allergy

Dragon Fruit

Dragon FruitsDragon Fruits

The Health Benefits of Dragon Fruits

Dragon fruits help to lower cholesterol

Which can be useful if yours is too high

If you have never tried this exotic fruit

Their benefits give you a reason to try

They may prevent cancer and diabetes

And can help raise your metabolic rate

These fruits also ease your constipation

For digestion this dragon fruit is great

Enjoy the health benefits of these amazing fruits with these 10 plant-based dragon fruit recipes.



The Health Benefits of Durian

Durian is often called the 'king of fruits'

This fruit has a very distinctive smell

Plus a lengthy list of health benefits

For digestion and bone health as well

Durian helps to reduce blood pressure

And for your insomnia it may be a cure

Enjoy this fruit to slow signs of aging

If the pungent smell you can endure



The Health Benefits of Elderberries

Elderberry is a natural medicine

Used for allergies, colds, and flus

And if you have a sinus infection

This is a healthy berry to choose

Elderberries may lower blood sugar

These berries promote urination

As a laxative they're also a natural

And they are healthy for your skin



The Health Benefits of Figs

All figs are a powerful antioxidant

And a natural cancer deterrent too

They're antibacterial and antifungal

Eat figs as they are so good for you

Figs can combat the effects of aging

And as fruits they are nutrient dense

A good source of fiber and potassium

Eating figs makes good dietary sense

If you love figs, you'll go crazy for these 10 vegan fig recipes.

Goji Berry

Goji BerriesGoji Berries

The Health Benefits of Goji Berries

Eat goji berries as a healthy snack

When you are in a snacking mood

For anti-inflammatory superfruits

And a well-known antioxidant food

Goji protect the health of your eyes

And your liver they help detoxify

These berries also boost fertility

So they're a berry you should try



The Health Benefits of Gooseberries

Good for immunity and your skin

Gooseberries are high in vitamin C

They are also rich in the vitamin A 

Boosting your vision incredibly

They help with high blood pressure

And the calcium makes bones strong

Their low calories promote weight loss

Eat this fruit and you can't go wrong



The Health Benefits of Grapes

Grapes are packed with antioxidants

Like resveratrol and flavonoids too

For the full benefits of dietary fiber

Eating whole grapes is best for you

They help prevent heart disease

And assist with your weight loss

For relieving painful indigestion

This healthy fruit may be the boss



The Health Benefits of Grapefruits

Low in calories but high in nutrients

Let grapefruits control your appetite

To reduce the risks of heart disease

These citrus fruits were made right

They help preventing kidney stones

And they will rehydrate your body

Eat grapefruits as a healthy snack

Their health benefits are so lovely



The Health Benefits of Guavas

These fruits aid your digestive tract

For your intestine-cleansing needs

And for addressing constipation

Eat guava's flesh and edible seeds

Guavas boost heart and brain health

Muscles and nerves they can relax

Also a natural remedy for toothache

So enjoy guavas as healthy snacks

Honeydew Melon

Honeydew MelonHoneydew Melon

The Health Benefits of Honeydews

Honeydew has omega-3 fatty acids

Essential for the health of your heart

And as summer fruit for dehydration

A few melon slices are really smart

It has potassium for hypertension

A mineral and needed electrolyte

Honeydew is high in beta carotene

So it's excellent for your eyesight



The Health Benefits of Jackfruits

Jackfruit can help you with your wrinkles

And give your complexion a healthy glow

It is thought to prevent dry and brittle hair

Encouraging your lustrous locks to grow

This healthy fruit gives instant energy

And offers you relief from asthma too

It helps to prevent colds and infections

This 'jack of all fruits' is so good for you



The Health Benefits of Jujube Fruits

Jujubes are a treatment for insomnia

These fruits act as a natural sedative

They help relieve chronic constipation

Providing a less-bloated way to live

Traditionally used as an antidepressant

And as an anti-anxiety medicinal food

They have stress-relieving properties

Jujube fruits help to uplift your mood



The Health Benefits of Kiwanos

If you want to slow the aging process

Kiwanos are the fruit you should eat

They are also called horned melons

And they are a skin-repairing treat

Kiwanos regulate stress hormones

And can improve your visibility

They even enhance brain function

Plus protect from iron deficiency



The Health Benefits of Kiwifruits

A powerhouse of minerals and vitamins

Kiwis are exceptionally good for you

They have protein-dissolving enzymes

And ward off cell-DNA damage too

Eat to prevent macular degeneration

And for protection from heart disease

Kiwifruits will boost your immunity

This healthy fruit is certain to please



The Health Benefits of Kumquats

Kumquats regulate digestive health

Bloating and gas they can eliminate

For cramping and for constipation

This citrus fruit is considered great

Kumquats fight viral infections

And they will raise your energy

They protect you against arthritis

By reducing inflammation easily



The Health Benefits of Lemons

Lemons are loaded with vitamin C

So they fight infections like the flu

They'll help to detoxify your liver

This citrus keeps you regular too

Lemons destroy intestinal worms

And contain anticancer compounds

Their health-benefit list is lengthy

Each one is as great as it sounds



The Health Benefits of Limes

Limes increase your iron absorption

Thus helping to prevent a deficiency

They aid in kidney stone prevention

And also will boost your immunity

For all its weight-reducing properties

Fresh lime water is the most ideal drink

Limes improve the health of your heart

This citrus is even better than we think



The Health Benefits of Loquats

Loquats protect from colon cancer

With dietary fiber known as pectin

The vitamin A helps to moisturize

And improve the health of your skin

Loquats maintain your blood pressure

Ensuring that it doesn't climb too high

Reducing heart-attack and stroke risks

Give the nutrition-rich loquat a try



The Health Benefits of Longans

Longans are useful for stomachache 

They help with pain and infection too

Known as an excellent stress remedy

This aromatic fruit is calming for you

They're beneficial for sleep disorders

Thought to be a good insomnia cure

And because this fruit is so iron-rich

It's anemia you won't have to endure



The Health Benefits of Lychees

Lychees have antimicrobial properties

Against viral infections they will fight

They improve your blood circulation

And their fresh taste is a pure delight

Lychees fruits are rich in dietary fiber

Keeping bowel movements regular

And for blood pressure management

These sweet fruits are simply stellar



The Health Benefits of Mandarin Oranges

Mandarin oranges lower bad cholesterol

And help hypertension drop down low

These citruses promote blemish-free skin

Reducing age signs and helping skin glow

Mandarins lower the risk of liver cancer

And assist you in losing excess weight

These fruits will add to your daily fiber

Making sure you look and feel great



The Health Benefits of Mangoes

Mangoes alkalize the whole body

They're a remedy for heat stroke

They'll even improve your love life

Their health benefits are no joke

Mangoes are used to clear the skin

They help promoting good eyesight

These tropical fruits are nutritious

With vitamins in each healthy bite

Mangoes are delicious eaten on their own, and they add tropical flavors to these 10 plant-based mango recipes.



The Health Benefits of Mangosteens

Mangosteens are abundant in benefits

The 'queen of fruits' is its fitting name

Useful for allergies and for inflammation

And researched for cancer-fighting fame

Mangosteens lower blood sugar levels

They're a home remedy used for acne

These tropical fruits aid your digestion

Boost heart health and your immunity

Miracle Fruit

Miracle FruitsMiracle Fruits

The Health Benefits of Miracle Fruits

Miracle fruits will have you believing

They can make sour fruits taste sweet

Thanks to the protein called miraculin

This healthy fruit is now a novel treat

They relieve chemotherapy symptoms

And contain antioxidant properties

Useful for aiding in your weight loss

Miracle fruits may manage diabetes



The Health Benefits of Mulberries

For your protection from liver disease

Mulberries are a healthy fruit to behold

And because they are very high in fiber

For weight loss these berries are gold

They're good as a cancer-fighting food

And help keep cholesterol levels low

Mulberries also stabilize blood sugar

One of the healthiest fruits we know



The Health Benefits of Nectarines

This fruit is a nutritional powerhouse

Good for your eyes, your gut, and heart

Nectarines helps stabilize blood sugar

For strong immunity they do their part

They're great for your digestive health

And add to the fiber you need each day

With assisting to kill off cancer cells

Nectarines may be more than okay



The Health Benefits of Olives

Olives help to lower the risk of bone loss

Used for inflammation, arthritis, and gout

They are a healthy source of dietary fiber

Smoothing bowl movements on the way out

These fruits benefit your blood circulation

And are used as a treatment for allergies

As a whole food, olives are very healthy

With a great taste that is sure to please



The Health Benefits of Oranges

Oranges protect against many cancers

Like of the skin, lung, colon, and breast

And for protection from viral infections

This citrus fruit could be the very best

Oranges are all high in dietary fiber

So your constipation can be relieved

These fruits are loaded with benefits

But should be eaten to be achieved



The Health Benefits of Papayas

Papaya is called the 'fruit of the angels'

It is nutrition-rich and tastes really great

And for protection against skin damage

This tropical fruit is guaranteed first rate

Papayas may also reduce inflammation

Improve heart health and digestion too

It has a host of cancer-fighting abilities

These benefits are researched and true

Enjoy the health benefits of these tropical fruits with these 10 plant-based papaya recipes.

Passion Fruit

Passion FruitsPassion Fruits

The Health Benefits of Passion Fruits

Passion fruit improves bone mineral density

Reduces inflammation and enhances sleep

It's a natural treatment for your insomnia

Ensuring that your restful slumber is deep

Passion fruit reduces the bad cholesterol

Eat this fruit and your blood work will tell

It can also soothe respiratory conditions

And treat gastrointestinal disorders well



The Health Benefits of Peas

Green peas supply folate to expectant mothers

And they optimize the functioning of the brain

Though we may think that peas are vegetables

They're considered fruits which is quite insane

Peas help with the regulation of blood sugar

They're high in dietary fiber and protein too

Healthful for all vegan and plant-based diets

As they contain lots of iron and zinc for you



The Health Benefits of Peaches

Peaches help your body fight free radicals

They ward off cancer and heart disease

It's okay to refuse that slice of peach pie

But to peaches always say 'Yes, Please!'

Peaches provide protection from anemia

And your blood pressure they may control

They're effective for weight management

And for reducing an excessive tummy roll



The Health Benefits of Pears

Pears have been called the 'gift of the gods'

They are a delicious and nourishing snack

High in antioxidants, fiber, and nutrients

There's not much these healthy fruits lack

Useful for kidney stones and constipation

For diabetes and for high cholesterol too

Pears can help to reduce inflammation

There's very little that pears cannot do



The Health Benefits of Persimmons

Persimmon fruit is called the 'divine fruit'

The high dietary fiber promotes regularity

These fruits contribute bulk to the stools

And increase bowel movement frequency

Persimmons also support healthy vision

Help lower cholesterol levels when high

Very useful for reducing blood pressure

Delicious eaten fresh and even when dry



The Health Benefits of Pineapples

Pineapples reduce the risk for blood clots

Fight sinus infections and the common cold

They help to facilitate with wound healing

And strengthen the bones when you get old

They prevent loss of vision in the elderly

For healthy digestion pineapples are best

Containing both insoluble and soluble fiber

Pineapples are smarter than all of the rest

Enjoy the health benefits of fresh or frozen pineapples with these 10 vegan pineapple recipes.



The Health Benefits of Plums

Plums are useful for treating obesity

Metabolic syndrome they help to fight

Eat regularly to prevent osteoporosis

They do strong bone maintenance right

Plums maintain nervous system health

And improve the quality of your sleep

This healthy snack eliminates anxiety

The plum is a fruit to love and to keep



The Health Benefits of Pomegranates

Pomegranates have high levels of antioxidants

A whole lot more than even found in green tea

They can help with prostate cancer prevention

And these fruits reduce inflammation so easily

Pomegranates have proven helpful for arthritis

This healthy fruit is a wonderful memory aid

Good for endurance and athletic performance

This remarkable fruit is exceptionally made

Enjoy the health benefits of pomegranates with these 10 plant-based pomegranate recipes.



The Health Benefits of Rambutans

Rambutans kill off intestinal parasites

They have strong antiseptic qualities

Use to promote scalp and hair health

Morning sickness they also can ease

They benefit your heart and your bones

And will give your body added energy

Rambutans appear as remarkable fruits

They're also a tropical treat for fertility



The Health Benefits of Raspberries

Raspberries have obesity and blood sugar benefits

This fruit is antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory

Known as 'nature's candy' for many good reasons

Their color is vibrant and they are sweet and juicy

Raspberries offer eye protection from sun damage

And help preventing age-related memory decline

They're a good berry choice for cancer prevention

For detoxification these healthful berries are fine



The Health Benefits of Starfruits

The starfruit can improve your sleep quality

For insomniacs this is a fruit you'll want to eat

These exotic fruits benefit clear, healthy skin

And keep your hair looking vibrant and neat

Starfruit can help your body fight infections

And maintain a healthy blood pressure too

This tropical wonder is good for weight loss

It is low in calories and high in fiber for you



The Health Benefits of Strawberries

Strawberries have a lengthy list of benefits

They soothe arthritis and also soothe gout

Good to snack on for birth-defect prevention

These healthy berries sure have lots of clout

They reduce inflammation and hypertension

And help boost the functioning of your brain

Low-calorie strawberries are good for diets

Your glowing health is the thing you will gain



The Health Benefits of Tamarinds

Tamarind fruit is high in antioxidants

And it can alleviate inflammation too

This fruit fights viruses and bacteria

Plus it has magnesium ready for you

Tamarind improves your heart health

And it will stimulate your weight loss

For constipation relief and assistance

This healthy fruit is a high-fiber boss



The Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Tomatoes help combat effects of smoking

Improve vision and can protect your heart

For nutritional management of diabetes

Eating more tomatoes is considered smart

Used to prevent urinary tract infections

It is rich in many a mineral and a vitamin

For lowering hypertension it is effective

And for maintaining healthy hair and skin



The Health Benefits of Tangerines

Tangerines fight skin-ruining free radicals

Their antioxidant content is notably high

This citrus fruit has plentiful vitamin A

To moisturize your hair if it becomes dry

Tangerines improve cognitive functioning

Assist pregnant women and their babies

This fruit supports cardiovascular health

Reducing your own risk of heart disease



The Health Benefits of Watermelons

Watermelons are good for post-workout recovery

They're beneficial when eaten before training too

This nutritious fruit accelerates lactic-acid removal

The high-water content naturally rehydrates you

Watermelons are helpful in lowering blood pressure

And insulin resistance this healthy fruit may reduce

For the prevention of a range of kidney disorders

Watermelons are a sweet and impressive produce

Healthy Fruits That Are Mistaken for Vegetables

Pluto is a planet. Right? Wrong! I'm old enough to remember learning that Pluto is the ninth planet in our solar system. My son, however, was taught in school that Pluto used to be a planet, but its status was downgraded in August 2006 to that of a dwarf planet. In my mind, Pluto will always be a planet. In the same way, even though I know that these vegetables are in fact healthy fruits, they will always be veggies to me.

  • Avocado
  • Bell Pepper
  • Chili Pepper
  • Corn Kernels
  • Cucumber
  • Olive
  • Eggplant
  • Pea Pods
  • Pumpkin
  • Squash
  • Tomato
  • Zucchini

Fruits for a Healthy Vegan Diet

I don't consider myself to be a raw food vegan (a vegan who only consumes raw foods), and I'm not a fruitarian (a person who eats only fruit), but most of the calories that I consume each day are from healthy fruits. Over the years of being vegan, I have found that the more fruits that I eat, the healthier I feel. I find that when I eat mostly fruits, I have more energy, I need less sleep, and I feel happier. That joyful feeling also makes me feel more spiritually connected to the world around me.

A Green Smoothie for Breakfast

I typically start my day with a green smoothie. My vegan smoothies consist of water, frozen bananas, fresh leafy greens, and one or more other fruits or berries. I usually go with three cups of fresh spinach for my leafy greens, but I do change things up a bit and add different greens like kale, red leaf lettuce, and dandelion greens every few days. I also add either a tablespoon of chia seeds or ground flax seeds to my green smoothies occasionally.

On days when I don't have a green smoothie for breakfast, I feel a difference. I don't have as much energy, and I have a bigger appetite - as if something is missing from my diet. Try starting your mornings with a vegan green smoothie for an entire week. You'll notice an improvement in your energy levels and mood.

Mid-Morning Fruit Snacks

If I'm hungry by mid-morning, I snack on fruits like green grapes (my favorite), cherry tomatoes, or sugar snap peas. They're easy to eat with your hands, easy to share, and they don't get your fingers sticky. They also travel well and can survive the day without needing to be refrigerated.

Monomeal Lunch

I sometimes eat a monomeal of a single fruit for lunch. Some people claim that it's healthier for your digestion to eat a single fruit at one sitting, but that's not the reason why I choose monomeals. I usually eat this way when I find a fruit that I love on sale for an amazingly low price! Sometimes I eat just one fruit for lunch, such as a whole cantaloupe, because I'm too busy or too lazy to fix a fruit salad.

Fruit Salad Lunch

My favorite lunch is definitely a home-prepared fresh fruit salad. I buy a huge variety of healthy fruits each week, but my weekly grocery haul is never exactly the same. I choose fruits that are fresh and on sale whenever possible. I'd love to buy only organic fruit, but the prices are often way out of my food budget, and the organic fruit selection where I live is usually limited.

I try to prep most of the fruit when I get home before I put it in the fridge. I usually make a huge fruit salad that's enough for three days of lunches. The process is time-consuming, but lunch is ready for the next few days, so it's well worth the effort.

I chop up fruits like mangoes, papayas, pineapples, peaches, and apricots for my fruit salad. I also throw in a mix of berries like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries to make my fruit salad even healthier and more colorful. Sometimes I add a cut-up orange to the bowl and squeeze the juice in. The orange juice brings all the flavors together magically.

If you've never had fruit salad lunches, try them. There are also some wonderful healthy fruit recipes for you to enjoy. They're vitamin-packed and so delicious. They're also an easy way to get loads of healthy fruits and fiber into your diet.

Further reading: Wikipedia has an extensive list of culinary fruits. I like this list because the fruits are listed alphabetically by common name, climate, geographic origin, and type of flora.  There are also so many fruits on this list that I've never seen. I can't wait to try them all one day!

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