10 Plant-Based Papaya Recipes

10 Vegan Papaya Recipes10 Vegan Papaya Recipes

A Fun Guide to Vegan Papaya Recipes

These are all vegan papaya recipes

Offering you a healthier way to dine

The tropical papaya boats are pretty

And the papaya salsa is simply divine

There is a papaya and lemon sorbet

And a delicious papaya shortbread

Have a smoothie bowl for breakfast

Or some raw ice cream tart instead

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I write in rhyme because, like nursery rhymes and songs, words written in rhyme are easier to remember and to connect with. As a bonus, they're fun to read aloud with kids and friends - to inspire them to eat healthy plant-based foods and (hopefully) to go vegan!

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I am incredibly grateful to the dedicated bloggers, vegan chefs, and brilliant food photographers for their healthy fruit recipes. I am truly in awe of their exceptional talents. Hopefully these recipes will motivate you to eat more fruits each day. Enjoy these fruit recipes.

10 Vegan Papaya Recipes

Double Thick Creamy Papaya Smoothie Recipe

Double Thick Creamy Papaya Smoothie

This papaya smoothie is deliciously vegan

There's no added sugar and it's dairy-free

Using ripened papaya and frozen bananas

This fresh fruit smoothie is super healthy

Freeze some ripe bananas ahead of time

Simply mix with a fresh and ripe papaya

For the creamiest double-thick smoothie

You'll need a quality high-speed blender

Detox Papaya Chia Breakfast Pudding Recipe

Detox Papaya Chia Breakfast Pudding

This papaya recipe is perfect for breakfast

Use a non-dairy milk and white chia seeds

With lemon juice, ginger, and cinnamon

Papaya pudding helps with detox needs

You'll need maple syrup or agave nectar

Dairy-free yogurt and hemp hearts too

It will require overnight refrigeration

So a healthy breakfast is waiting for you

Green Smoothie Papaya Bowl Recipe

Green Smoothie Papaya Bowl

Feast on this green smoothie papaya bowl

A vegan papaya recipe that is gluten-free

You'll need papaya, banana, and mangoes

Plus coconut milk makes it extra creamy

This green smoothie requires spirulina

Add any fruit toppings that you choose

Carefully pour into the papaya bowls

This gorgeous recipe you'll want to use

Papaya Bliss Jar with Raw Oat Teff Porridge Recipe

Papaya Bliss Jar with Raw Oat Teff Porridge

Cut up ripe papaya and place in freezer

Soak teff flour, oats, and chia overnight

Coconut cream, papaya, and raspberry

Make this oat teff porridge a raw delight

You need maple syrup and coconut water

Plus a plant milk that's your favorite kind

Top with coconut flakes and goji berries

For a raw porridge that'll blow your mind

Vegan Papaya Shortbread Recipe

Vegan Papaya Shortbread

If you've never eaten papaya shortbread

This is a papaya treat you'll want to bake

It is gluten-free, soy-free, and also vegan

And requires thirty-five minutes to make

Sweetened with stevia and papaya puree

You'll add coconut milk, or almond, or rice

Try baked vegan shortbread with papaya

Your whole family will agree this is nice

Easy Vegan Papaya Salad Recipe

Easy Vegan Papaya Salad Recipe

This vegan salad calls for green papayas

With Thai chilis that can be green or red

Add green beans, carrots, and cabbage

Plus raw sugar or agave nectar instead

There's lime juice and garlic for flavor

And peanuts make the salad complete

Serve papaya salad on a bed of lettuce

This papaya dish is a Thai vegan treat

Raw Strawberry Papaya Ice Cream Tart Recipe

Raw Strawberry Papaya Ice Cream Tart Recipe

The crust is soft pitted medjool dates

Combined with dried white mulberries

The filling uses frozen papaya chunks

With maple syrup plus strawberries

For deeper flavor you add some basil

A food processor is what you will need

Enjoy a vegan papaya ice-cream tart

Refined sugar-free and healthy indeed

Papaya Salsa Recipe

Papaya Salsa Recipe

You will love this easy vegan papaya salsa

Made with fresh mint and lemon juice too

The taste is slightly sweet and also tangy

It bursts with flavors and colors for you

Chop up fresh chili and red bell peppers

Add chopped onion to the fresh papaya

Chill the dish for a while before serving

Then enjoy a nutritious and fruity salsa

Papaya and Lemon Sorbet Recipe

Papaya and Lemon Sorbet

To make this papaya and lemon sorbet

There's not much that you have to buy

Only fresh papaya, agave, and lemons

So give this papaya lemon sorbet a try

Use an ice-cream machine and blender

Or you can use a freezer-friendly dish

Freeze and stir the juice every half hour

Then it is ready to enjoy when you wish

Tropical Papaya Boats Recipe

Tropical Papaya Boats

Dive into a healthy vegan fruit recipe

Serve a stunning tropical papaya boat

A fruity bowl of nourishing goodness

With a creamy and sweet tropical note

Use freshly made banana ice cream

Or choose vegan fruit yogurt instead

Add kiwifruit, hemp, and chia seeds

Then top with cherries for a pop of red

Enjoy These Healthy Papaya Recipes

Have fun trying these healthy fruit recipes

They are all packed with goodness for you

Papaya has always been a favorite of mine

I hope you enjoy papaya as much as I do

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