The Best Vegan Chocolate Brownies

Vegan Chocolate BrowniesVegan Chocolate Brownies | Vegan Rhyme

A Fun Guide to Vegan Chocolate Brownies

Fall in love with vegan chocolate brownies

Enjoy a dairy-free and delicious, fun treat

Find a mix to whip up a batch in an instant

Or try packaged brownies all ready-to-eat

There are also raw chocolate brownies

Many are gluten-free and nut-free too

All are free from dairy and from eggs

Vegan brownies made specially for you

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Nature's Bakery Vegan Double Chocolate Brownie

Try vegan double chocolate brownies

Made with stone ground whole wheat

Sweet with real dates and blueberries

These brownies are a chocolaty treat

They are made in a nut-free facility

A healthy dessert after school lunch

Great for some on-the-go nutrition

Yummy to eat and simple to munch

Cherryvale Farms Chocolate Brownie in a Minute

Rich chocolate brownie in a minute

Cherryvale Farms makes this best

Add water and pop in a microwave

This is easier baking than the rest

GMO-free and allergen-friendly

Enjoy your instant mug cake mix

Feast on a quick vegan brownie

With a hot cocoa that's easy to fix

Enjoy Life Vegan Brownie Mix

Find nutrient-dense ancient grains

Probiotics and plant-based protein

Try Enjoy Life Vegan Brownie Mix

Common allergens are never seen

Free from wheat and from gluten

No peanuts, no soy, and no dairy

Make a batch of vegan brownies

Enjoy Life makes your baking easy

Chunkie Dunkies Raw Vegan Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Made by Chunkie Dunkies Pure Foods

Taste chocolate chunk fudge brownies

With organic raw vegan dark chocolate

These brownies are certain to please

Savor the nutrition of whole walnuts

This vegan brownie is perfectly raw

Free of any dairy, soy, and all gluten

Try them once and you'll want more

SimplyProtein Kids Bar Chocolate Brownie

Great for vegan and gluten-free diets

This is a fine SimplyProtein kids bar

The brownie is certified peanut-free

Protein and fiber get a snacking star

Enjoy their unique crunchy texture

Love the sweet and chocolaty taste

Select your pack of twelve brownies

Rest assured they won't go to waste

Pure Organic Chocolate Brownie Bar

This is vegan, kosher, and Non-GMO

Pure Organic Chocolate Brownie Bar

A chewy, delicious, and healthy snack

Plant-based energy will take you far

Keep a few for when you're on-the-go

There's no soy and they're gluten-free

Enjoy soft and chewy fruits and nuts

A healthy snack for the entire family

More Yummy Vegan Chocolate Treats

Enjoy more dairy-free chocolate treats

Find vegan chocolate chip cookies too

Try chocolate bites and yummy truffles

They're all vegan and delicious for you

Have chocolate spread with breakfast

It's amazing on your whole-grain toast

Choose cocoa nibs or chocolate chips

You will find what you want the most

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