The Best Vegan Chocolate Frosting and Chocolate Fondant

Vegan Chocolate Frosting and FondantVegan Chocolate Frosting and Fondant | Vegan Rhyme

A Fun Guide to Vegan Chocolate Frosting and Vegan Chocolate Fondant

Vegan chocolate frosting is so awesome

Ideal with cupcakes and with cakes too

Vegan chocolate fondant may be better

For fancy cakes you'll know what to do

These frostings and fondants are vegan

Some are organic and some gluten-free

Find the best choices for your baking

Serve baked treats that have no dairy

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Dollop Hot Chocolate Crème Gourmet Frosting

Enjoy a healthier alternative to frosting

Dollop Gourmet is vegan and non-GMO

This frosting uses only half of the sugar

For perfect cupcakes it's the way to go

The hot chocolate crème is so delicious

It's always natural so enjoy it guilt-free

This chocolate frosting has zero gluten

And it is vegan so there is never dairy

Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate Frosting

Use with cakes, cupcakes, and cookies

This chocolate frosting is easy to spread

Ideal for baking and vegan decorations

It is even delicious used on fresh bread

This frosting is free of yeast and nuts

It's also dairy-free and it's gluten-free

Buy this staple for your vegan baking

It's great to keep in your vegan pantry

Wholesome Organic Chocolate Frosting

Enjoy this ready-to-use convenience

A quick-and-easy topping for your cake

It has a smooth and spreadable texture

For all the cupcakes you want to make

This is a Non-GMO organic frosting

Fair Trade Certified and gluten-free

The chocolate frosting is so delicious

Stock up before your next fun party

Pamela's Dark Chocolate Frosting Mix

This is simple to use and very versatile

Pamela's Dark Chocolate Frosting Mix

It contains all natural vegan ingredients

So handy when you have cupcakes to fix

You will love the taste and the texture

This is a top-selling gluten-free brand

Made with only the finest ingredients

Keep vegan chocolate frosting on hand

Simple Mills Organic Chocolate Frosting

Organic chocolate frosting from Simple Mills

With sustainably sourced palm shortening

Lower in sugar because of the monk fruit

It's also lower in carbs if that is your thing

There are never added gums or emulsifiers

This great frosting is made with coconut oil

Make a giant batch of cupcakes in a hurry

With easy frosting you will not have to toil

Satin Ice Dark Chocolate Rolled Fondant

Exceptional workability and superior taste

A vegan chocolate fondant from Satin Ice

Make incredible cakes for every occasion

It rolls thin with a smooth finish that's nice

Enjoy the flawless finish on your creations

It's the go-to fondant for artists worldwide

Perfect for weddings and for novelty cakes

You will be creating vegan cakes with pride

Fat Daddio's Brown Chocolate Fondant

Enjoy Fat Daddio's rolled fondant icing

Professional fondant with a great taste

This vegan fondant has a chocolate flavor

Great workability so time you won't waste

The fondant is vegan and kosher certified

Free of any nuts, any gluten and also dairy

It is affordable with an impressive shelf life

Buy a large bucket for your vegan bakery

More Vegan Chocolate for Chocoholics

Find the best vegan chocolate everything

Chocolate bars, vegan truffles, and cake

Try dairy-free hot chocolates and candies

And vegan cupcake mixes that you'll bake

Buy chocolate chip cookies and brownies

Organic cacao nibs and raw chocolate too

Enjoy treats with vegan chocolate frosting

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