The Best Vegan Chocolate Spread

Vegan Chocolate SpreadVegan Chocolate Spread | Vegan Rhyme

A Fun Guide to Vegan Chocolate Spreads

Indulge in vegan chocolate for breakfast

Find the perfect vegan chocolate spread

There are many for you to choose from

Belgian dark chocolate or halva instead

Nut-free spreads for those with allergies

All are vegan and so they're all dairy-free

A delightful way to begin every morning

Because fine chocolate makes you happy

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Biona Organic Dark Chocolate Spread

Taste smooth organic vegan chocolate

Biona Organic Dark Chocolate Spread

Enjoy some with whole grain crackers

Have this with vegan pancakes instead

It's delicious with toast for breakfast

Substitute for peanut butter anytime

Possibly the finest vegan spread ever

This chocolate wonder tastes sublime

Lekkco Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread

Try this Belgian dark chocolate spread

Lekkco is dairy-free and vegan for you

Belgian chocolate texture is superior

The finest taste is a dream come true

Crafted with no nuts and no gluten

The ingredients are also Non-GMO

Ideal for breakfast, snack, or dessert

Savor the chocolate and eat it slow

Don't Go Nuts Chocolate Nut-Free Roasted Soybean Spread

Buy a vegan roasted soybean spread

It's nut-free and safe to take to school

Non-GMO, organic, and gluten-free

Kids agree that this tastes really cool

Lower in sugar and higher in protein

Enjoy the satisfying chocolaty taste

Order a few to keep in your pantry

Guaranteed they won't go to waste

Soom Foods Chocolate Tahini Halva Spread

Half the sugar of most other spreads

It is made with ground sesame seeds

Nut-free and there are no added oils

A chocolate spread your body needs

Powdered cane sugar and also cocoa

Feast on a sweet tahini halva spread

Try with freshly made vegan waffles

Or on your favorite sandwich bread

Nutiva Organic Vegan Hazelnut Spread

Pair with fruit or add to smoothies

Or simply spread it over your toast

With five grams of fiber per serving

You may love this spread the most

There are omega-3 fatty acids

Good for your heart and brain too

Enjoy hazelnut spread with cocoa

Totally delicious and good for you

Raw Health Organic Cacao Brazilnut Bliss

Made with hemp oil and with Brazil nuts

The tastiest spread you have ever tried

Raw agave nectar and raw cocoa powder

The ingredients are all organic certified

Suitable for those on a raw vegan diet

Raw Health Vibrant Living is unique

Four simple and healthful ingredients

For the vibrant health that you seek

Peanut Butter & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams

Believe in Dark Chocolate Dreams

Peanut butter has now come alive

Savor the rich dark chocolate taste

With a spoon in the jar you can dive

No trans fats and no cholesterol

No high fructose corn syrup too

With no hydrogenated oils at all

Vegan spread dreams come true

Binnie's Coconut Butter Organic Spread

Made with dark chocolate and sea salt

Binnie's Coconut Butter is pure delight

Blending organic cacao and coconuts

For keto vegans this is perfectly right

You can spread it, dip it, and add it

You may desire to devour this now

Try a chocolaty vegan keto spread

Dairy-free without milk from a cow

Wilderness Poets Cashew Cacao Hempspread

With a name like Wilderness Poets

You know that Hempspread is fun

In a search for the best spread ever

This cashew spread may be the one

It's raw vegan and organic certified

Raw hemp is true living plant energy

Perfect with smoothies or bliss balls

Wilderness Poets is quite heavenly

Uncle Tonio's Walnut & Dark Chocolate Spread

This vegan chocolate spread is silky

Taste dark chocolate and walnuts too

Gluten-free, vegan, and zero palm oil

A soothing treat if you're feeling blue

Undeniably rich in chocolaty flavor

Texture is smooth and soft as can be

Spread on toast or blend in brownies

With a vegan cake it layers perfectly

Noosh Chocolate Almond Butter

Squeezable chocolate almond butter

Made in a perfect single serving size

This is a great vegan on-the-go snack

As a school treat this spread is wise

This vegan chocolate spread is ideal

It is free from dairy, gluten, and soy

Conveniently take these anywhere

A chocolate snack that you'll enjoy

More Yummy Vegan Chocolate Treats

Vegan chocolate spread is so divine

Perfect for breakfast and snacks too

If you are a gourmet chocolate lover

There's more vegan chocolate for you

Discover a world of dairy-free treats

Enjoy chocolate chip cookies today

Organic vegan chocolates are yummy

And they're cruelty-free in every way

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