65+ Best Vegan Cookbooks for You

A Fun Guide to Cookbooks for Your Vegan Diet and Lifestyle

65 Vegan CookbooksVegan Cookbooks | Vegan Rhyme

Find vegan cookbooks for all plant-based diets

Explore books for every lifestyle under the sun

Discover a world of books for all vegan cuisines

Add to a cookbook library or buy your first one

Explore new vegan recipes for every kitchen

For experienced chefs and newbie vegans too

From outdoor grilling to vegan cheese making

You'll find your cookbook here waiting for you

Vegan CookbooksVegan Cookbooks | Vegan Rhyme

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Quick Guide to Vegan Cookbooks

Best Vegan Cookbooks and Bestsellers

Vegan Cookbooks for Beginners

Cookbooks for All Vegan and Plant-Based Diets

Weight Loss - Athletes - Bodybuilders - Raw Vegan Diet - Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet - Health and Disease Prevention -  Gluten-Free - Oil-Free and Low-Fat - Low Carb - High Protein - Ketogenic - Paleo Vegan

World Cuisine Cookbooks

Indian - Italian - Mexican - Asian - Chinese - Japanese - Thai - Southern - Mediterranean - Greek - Middle Eastern - Armenian - Ethiopian - Caribbean

Cookbooks for Baking and Desserts

Baking - Desserts - Vegan Chocolate - Cookies - Cakes - Pies - Cupcakes - Vegan Ice Cream - Aquafaba Recipes

Cookbooks for Special Dishes and Vegan Foods

Soups - Salads - Salad Dressing - Vegan Cheese - Vegan Pizza - Vegan Burgers, Meat Substitutes and BBQ - Casseroles - Vegan Comfort Foods - Vegan Snacks - Vegan Junk Food

Books for Vegan Fruit Smoothies and Green Smoothies

Vegan Cookbooks by Cooking Method

Slow Cooker and Crockpot - Instant Pot - Air Fryer - Grilling

Cookbooks for Vegan Kids and Families

Vegan Kids - Vegan Families - College Students - Cooking on a Budget - Fast-Cooking Meals - Holiday Cooking - Vegan Food Gifts

Vegan Kitchen Cookbook Essentials

Vegan Food Substitutions - Vegan Pantry Staples

420-Friendly Vegan Cookbooks

Cannabis-Infused Cooking

Best Vegan Cookbooks and Bestsellers

The Oh She Glows Cookbook

Find over one hundred vegan recipes

To help you glow from the inside out

Perfect the art of plant-based cooking

That's what this bestseller's all about

From the much-beloved Angela Liddon

Discover great allergy-friendly recipes

Wholesome dishes packed with flavors

Helping you glow from inside with ease

Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook

Veganomicon is the ultimate vegan cookbook

Moskowitz and Romero are undeniably best

Their vegan recipes aren't skimpy on flavors

And every dish has been given a kitchen test

This book is their tenth anniversary edition

With new dishes and stunning color photos

They'll make your kitchen a vegan paradise

And eliminate all your vegan cooking woes

Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook

If the use of the F-word does not offend you

Watch the explicit trailer for this cookbook

It's a number one New York Times bestseller

Have fun and laugh as you learn how to cook

Vegan Cookbooks for Beginners

Vegan Cookbook for Beginners

These vegan recipes are all easy and healthy

Helping vegans begin a plant-based lifestyle

Find tasty dishes to serve friends and family

You'll be a great vegan chef in a short while

Learn to cook veggies that taste delicious

Enjoy plant-based pizzas and pastas too

This is a great cookbook for any beginner

With quick-and-easy vegan meals for you

Vegan 101: A Vegan Cookbook

Take a crash course in creating vegan meals

Learn from Jenny Engel and Heather Bell

Both are plant-based culinary instructors

With their expert guidance you will do well

Learn to make your own veggie burgers

Create vegan dishes to satisfy everyone

This book tells you how to get started

And makes sure that you also have fun

Vegan Cookbook for Beginners

Add delicious plant-based meals to your diet

This book is designed for the everyday cook

Celebrate the rich flavors of all vegan foods

Befriend this essential beginners' cookbook

Find easy guides and simple shopping lists

Provided for you to ensure you'll succeed

For anyone who is beginning a vegan diet

This cookbook has the tips that you'll need

Cookbooks for All Vegan and Plant-Based Diets

Vegan Cookbooks for Weight Loss

Appetite for Reduction

Lose weight while eating foods that you crave

Like vegan lasagnas, curries, and hearty stews

Each serving has under four-hundred calories

And over one hundred recipes you can choose

Feast on vegan meals packed with nutrients

High in fiber but low in sugar and low in fat

Lose weight while enjoying delicious foods

Appetite for Reduction will give you all that

Cookbooks for Vegan Athletes

The No Meat Athlete Cookbook

Find plant-based recipes that will power you

Recover faster, perform better, and feel great

For world-class athletes and weekend joggers

These plant-fueled foods belong on your plate

Find nutrient-packed dishes to aid recovery

Homemade sports drinks for your workout

Use The No Meat Athlete Cookbook every day

Discover why vegan athletes have the clout

Cookbooks for Vegan Bodybuilders

Plant-Based Muscle

This book is co-authored by plant-based athletes

More than thirty-five years experience combined

Discover a phenomenal plant-based fitness book

One of the most complete that you will ever find

Learn to eat for improved athletic performance

Find meal plans, recipes, workout programs, too

This is an incredibly motivational fitness manual

To get a superior athletic performance from you

Books for Raw Vegan Diets

Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.

Fall in love with vegan and mostly raw recipes

Specially made for people who truly love to eat

With YouTube's Tastemade star Laura Miller

Discover yummy foods without dairy or meat

All of her crowd-pleasing recipes are vegan

They're all taste sensations and mostly raw

Make weekday meals, drinks, and party foods

Your happy guests will be begging for more

Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet Cookbooks

Forks Over Knives - The Cookbook

With over three hundred plant-based recipes

This is a vegan cookbook you really should buy

And if you think that going vegan is too difficult

Please give these amazing vegan recipes a try

You can lose weight and lower your cholesterol

Eat well to prevent diabetes and heart disease

Embrace the true Forks Over Knives philosophy

This book guides you with the greatest of ease

Vegan Cookbooks for Health and Disease Prevention

The How Not to Die Cookbook

From Dr. Gregor who gave you How Not to Die

Comes his great The How Not to Die Cookbook

Find over a hundred life-saving vegan recipes

To improve your health and the way you look

Discover easy-to-prepare plant-based meals

With stunning photos to help lead the way

To better heart health and better nutrition

Eat for a healthy tomorrow but start today

Vegan Gluten-Free Cookbooks

Vegan Gluten Free Cookbook

You can be a vegan and still eat gluten-free

These recipes will boost your body and mind

Learn how to keep your taste buds satisfied

Enjoy gluten-free recipes that are also kind

Explore forty nutritious plant-based recipes

All are vegan and surprisingly all gluten-free

You can cook to improve your overall health

This fun cookbook sure makes cooking easy

(Find more gluten-free plant-based cookbooks that are perfect for vegans with food allergies and food sensitivities.)

Vegan Oil-Free and Low-Fat Cookbooks

Elegantly Simple Vegan Oil-Free Recipes

You will love these simple oil-free recipes

With illustrated directions for every step

Their list of ingredients is never lengthy

The healthy meals will give you extra pep

Make vegan soups, appetizers, and salads

Low-fat entrees, and oil-free desserts, too

Enjoy energy bars and wholesome snacks

For low-fat vegan diets this book is for you

Vegan Low-Carb Cookbooks

The Low-Carb Vegan Cookbook

Make ketogenic breads and even fat bombs

For your low-carb high-fat vegan lifestyle

It is easy to combine both ways of eating

This cookbook sure gives reasons to smile

You can learn to combine fat-rich foods

With your vegan diet as it can be done

Add a keto diet into your cooking mix

This cookbook combines two into one

Vegan High-Protein Cookbooks

High Protein Vegan

You can follow your high-protein vegan diet

Eat hearty meals, raw desserts, and more

From everyday meals to full gourmet feasts

You will find this vegan cookbook is a score

There are allergy-friendly soy-free options

Lots of legume-based main meals to choose

Make quick and simple high-protein recipes

So your precious time you won't have to lose

Vegan Ketogenic Diet Cookbooks

Vegan Ketogenic Diet

One hundred low-carb plant-based recipes

Await here for keto vegans everywhere

A ketogenic vegan diet is a viable choice

This keto book helps you with vegan flair

Learn the art of vegan ketogenic cooking

With essentials and a complete overview

You'll also have handy charts and indexes

They are all vegan and also keto for you

Paleo Vegan Cookbooks

Paleo Vegan

Combine the best of a plant-based diet

With paleo and primal recipes as well

Long awaited by many a paleo vegan

This extraordinary cookbook is swell

Eat natural, whole, unprocessed foods

Which both dietary styles do endorse

You can eat paleo and vegan together

With culinary treats for every course

Vegan World Cuisine Cookbooks

Vegan Indian Cookbooks

Vegan Richa's Indian Kitchen

Welcome to Vegan Richa's Indian Kitchen

Feast on flat breads and on rich curries too

Enjoy plant-based regional Indian recipes

And mouth-watering desserts just for you

These recipes will delight all of your senses

All are vegan so of course they're dairy-free

Find some gluten-free and soy-free options

Entertaining all guests will now be so easy

Vegan Italian Cookbooks

Chloe's Vegan Italian Kitchen

Make vegan pizzas, pastas, and pestos

And Italian delights that you will adore

You can enjoy your healthy vegan diet

With recipes deserving a perfect score

Enjoy the gorgeous full-colored photos

This is Italian vegan cuisine at its best

Chloe Coscarelli has created a winner

This is a cookbook beyond all the rest

Vegan Mexican Cookbooks

¡Salud! Vegan Mexican Cookbook

If great Mexican food is your comfort food

Then this vegan cookbook is perfect for you

Enjoy the rich nourishing flavors of Mexico

Feast on enchiladas, tacos, and tamales, too

It's Mexican fare without animal ingredients

Best for the planet and best for your health

With your favorite dishes like chile rellenos

¡Salud! provides the best in Mexican wealth

Vegan Asian Cookbooks

101 Healthy Vegan Asian Food

Find vegan recipes from ten different countries

Appetizers, main dishes, desserts, even soups

Enjoy a great abundance of rich Asian flavors

Feed yourself and your hungry vegan troops

Feast on cabbage rolls and scallion pancakes

Make an incredibly flavored Asian tofu dip

Take a culinary taste-tour across all of Asia

Treat your taste buds to a ten-country trip

Vegan Chinese Cookbooks

The Chinese Vegan Kitchen

Explore the best culinary regions of China

Take in each aroma, bold flavor, and taste

If you love Chinese food and you're vegan

This is a cookbook that won't go to waste

Find tastes of Hunan, Peking, and Sichuan

Shanghai, Canton, Taiwan, and from Tibet

This is Chinese vegan cuisine at its finest

The best Chinese food that you'll ever get

Vegan Japanese Cookbooks

Vegan Sushi Cookbook

You can go vegan and still enjoy sushi

Thirty-five recipes prove that it's true

Enjoy The Little Vegan Sushi Cookbook

Filled with plant-based sushi for you

The vegan sushi recipes are delicious

Soon you'll be a vegan sushi-rolling pro

The recipes are really easy and simple

Vegan sushi dinners are the way to go

Vegan Thai Cookbooks

Vegan Thai Recipes

Find Thai vegan recipes for your slow cooker

Like tofu red curry or Thai curry that's green

If you love the tastes and flavors of Thailand

Soon you'll be making Thai curry that's mean

Learn how to make your own chile pastes

As you sip on fresh lemongrass lemonade

Chef Tummy's Thai meals are all authentic

The best vegan Thai food you have made

Vegan Southern Food Cookbooks

Sweet Potato Soul

Sweet Potato Soul is a gift to Southern cooking

Enjoy vegan foods that will nurture your soul

Beautifully illustrated with full-color photos

Featuring recipes that are vegan and whole

Discover the best fried cauliflower chicken

And delightful sweet potato-tahini cookies

These crave-worthy dishes are good for you

This book helps you create them with ease

Vegan Mediterranean Cookbooks

The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen

Enjoy more than three hundred recipes

It's the Mediterranean Diet done right

All meat-free, egg-free, and dairy-free

A Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen delight

Make some zucchini lemon couscous

Dessert is braised pears in red wine

These foods are good for your health

And the fresh flavors are truly divine

Vegan Greek Cookbooks


A fusion of Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine

It's a magic culinary combo that is vegan too

From the award-winning chef Miriam Sorrell

Comes a vegan cookbook that captivates you

It takes plant-based cooking to the next level

With exotic new flavors from the Middle East

Combining Southern Mediterranean flavors

To create a uniquely plant-based vegan feast

Vegan Middle Eastern Cookbooks

Tahini and Turmeric

Tahini and Turmeric dishes up haute cuisine

With vegan recipes that are easy-to-prepare

They're all healthful, hip, and flavorful, too

Discover a new world of exotic vegan fare

With tastes from Turkey, Lebanon, and Israel

Plus traditions directly from Barcelona, Spain

Make dishes with sophisticated flavor profiles

Your dinner parties will never be boring again

Vegan Armenian Cookbooks

Armenian Vegan

Discover a world of Armenian vegan cuisine

Try stuffed grape leaves and a hearty bread

These are the best classic Armenian recipes

For a tasty change try these dishes instead

Find soups, salads, desserts, and entrees

All treasures rich in Armenian hospitality

Explore a new world of nourishing meals

A vegan cookbook that enchants easily

Vegan Ethiopian Cookbooks

Teff Love

Vegan adventures in Ethiopian cooking

Help you to savor unique and tasty food

Import Ethiopian flavors to your kitchen

Authentic meals when you're in the mood

You will be ready to party Ethiopian-style

Soon you'll master these vegan recipes

Time-saving tips and menu suggestions

Make great Ethiopian cooking a breeze

Vegan Caribbean Cookbooks

Caribbean Vegan

True Caribbean vegan cuisine is remarkable

Mixing tastes from islands and from abroad

Discover Saint Lucia, Barbados, and Jamaica

With Caribbean dishes you'll never be bored

Taste African, French, and Asian influence

Spanish ingredients also magically combine

Find traditional mains and modern delights

In Caribbean vegan cuisine when you dine

Vegan Baking and Desserts Cookbooks

Vegan Baking

Modern Vegan Baking

There is an art to fabulous vegan baking

These modern recipes will show you how

Using vegan ingredients like aquafaba

You'll never miss eggs or milk for a cow

There are easy-to-follow instructions

The recipes are both savory and sweet

Try your hand at vegan modern baking

You can serve up a magical vegan treat

(Find more vegan baking recipe books for bake sales, whole-grain baking, and gluten-free baking.)

Vegan Desserts

Vegan Desserts

With over one hundred dairy-free recipes

You'll never be lacking a legitimate reason

To put on your apron and make a dessert

Find sumptuous sweets for every season

The emphasis is on fresh veggies and fruits

With natural sweeteners and whole grains

These tantalizing treats will all satisfy you

Precise, clear directions prevent any pains

Vegan Chocolate

Vegan Chocolate

Whip up some decadent dairy-free desserts

You will never have any reasons to apologize

These vegan chocolate desserts are luscious

Each chocolaty treat is worthy of a first prize

Make chocolate cakes, brownies, and truffles

Rich chocolate puddings, and ice creams, too

Enjoy eating organic and fair-trade chocolate

Your sweet tooth will be chanting Thank You

(Vegan chocoholics will love all these dairy-free chocolate cookbooks. There are also divinely decadent chocolate recipe books for raw vegans.)

Vegan Cookies

Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar

Vegan cookies will invade your cookie jar

One deliciously dairy-free bite at a time

Fun recipes from two award-wining bakers

Guarantee vegan cookies will be sublime

Find over one hundred irresistible recipes

For brownies, biscotti, cookies, and bars

Make a fresh batch of vegan cookie treats

Though they won't remain long in their jars

Vegan Cakes

Have Your Cake and Vegan Too

If you thought going vegan meant no cake

Now you can have your cake and vegan too

With some old favorites and new creations

This book has mouthwatering cakes for you

Find simple substitutes for eggs and dairy

Creamy frostings and vegan fillings galore

Creative flavors and cool cake decorations

You can be vegan and eat cake some more

Vegan Pies

Gluten-Free & Vegan Pie

More than fifty sweet and savory pies

All are home-baked and all gluten-free

Make vegan pies for the entire family

Try every easy-to-follow vegan recipe

Discover expert tips and techniques

For mixing and for working the dough

You can eat gluten-free and be vegan

Create pies that can win Best in Show

(Enjoy all these plant-based pie cookbooks. They are perfect for vegans who can't live without pie!)

Vegan Cupcakes

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World

Have a chai latte cupcake for breakfast

You will start the day right with a smile

If life is infinitely better with cupcakes

You'll find perfection in a short while

You can easily make vegan cupcakes

Better than any you'll find in a store

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World

Who could dream of asking for more

Vegan Ice Cream

Vegan Ice Cream

This vegan ice cream is sinfully delicious

Over ninety recipes from which to choose

You can go vegan and eat ice cream too

There's much to gain and nothing to lose

Use dates, nuts, fruits, and coconut milk

To make all ice cream delights dairy-free

Try the raw vegan ice cream and sauces

You'll fall in love with each vegan recipe

(Love vegan ice cream? We have more dairy-free ice cream cookbooks for you.)

Aquafaba Recipes

Baking Magic with Aquafaba

This is a revolutionary new egg substitute

Transforming every favorite vegan treat

You can bake pure magic with aquafaba

Vegan food and dessert you'll love to eat

Make fluffy quiche and light meringues

Garlic aioli and even hollandaise sauce

For dessert there is a key lime mousse

And savory recipes for the main course

(If you're crazy about aquafaba recipes, you'll love these aquafaba cookbooks for vegan baking and cooking.)

Cookbooks for Special Dishes and Vegan Foods

Vegan Soups

Awesome Vegan Soups

Make eighty awesome vegan soups

Vegan chili, stew, and chowder, too

Try whole-food plant-based recipes

They're affordable and good for you

You won't need any processed flour

Processed sugars also have no place

Just beautiful well-balanced recipes

So feel good about feeding your face

(Try these vegan soup cookbooks that are great for plant-based and raw vegan diets, too.)

Vegan Salads

Salad Samurai

Salad Samurai brings you vegan salads

All are easy-to-make and cutting edge

Gone are your days of boring veggies

Say goodbye to a bland lettuce wedge

In no time you'll be a veggie warrior

Serving salads that are well-dressed

Enjoy fresh entrees as hearty meals

Even non-vegans will be impressed

(Make salads the star attraction of your meals with these vegan salad cookbooks.)

Vegan Salad Dressings

Raw Vegan Sauces and Salad Dressings

Find forty recipes for raw vegan sauces

Vegan salad dressings that will all delight

Make vegan mayo, mustard, and ketchup

These vegan recipes will steer you right

You will be making vegan ranch dressing

Thousand island and even nacho cheese

Choose low-fat and fruit-based options

Salad dressings that are certain to please

(Find amazing cookbooks to make vegan salad dressings, dips, sauces, and condiments at home.)

Vegan Cheese

Vegan Cheese

Possibly the best vegan cookbook ever

Sixty cheeses and they're all dairy-free

Make French-Style Brie or Herbed Feta

Or try the vegan Aged Gruyere recipe

Learn to create a perfect cheese plate

Drink pairing tips are included for you

Better than store-bought vegan stuff

This cheese is vegan and exquisite too

(You'll love ALL of the vegan cheese cookbooks.)

Vegan Pizza

Vegan Pizza

This pizza is cheesy, crispy, and healthy

It's vegan and therefore it's dairy-free

Make a vegan pizza for dinner tonight

For both you and for the whole family

Find tons of globally inspired toppings

Choose artisan-style or even thin-crust

If you are vegan and you also love pizza

Your homemade pizza will not be a bust

Vegan Burgers, Meat Substitutes, and BBQ

Great Vegan BBQ Without a Grill

No outdoor grill or smoker is required

Enjoy a smoky vegan barbecue inside

Sink your teeth into barbecue brisket

Host your vegan barbecue with pride

Featuring more than seventy recipes

Like BBQ jerk "chicken" with coleslaw

Find recipes paired with great photos

Barbecue lovers could not ask for more

Vegan Casseroles

Vegan Casseroles

Make pasta bakes, gratins, and pot pies

Dinnertime is a hearty vegan casserole

Suitable for health-conscious vegans

Fuel for the body and food for the soul

Try the recipe for zucchini basil lasagna

Rustic bread pudding is waiting for you

Each casserole is a great mix of flavors

Well-crafted recipes show what to do

Vegan Comfort Foods

Vegan Comfort Classics

Indulge in true vegan comfort classics

These are all recipes to feed your face

Find comfort foods that are deep fried

Great for a vegan brunch at your place

Try out the Southern Fried Cauliflower

With a taste that you will never forget

If you crave real comfort from your food

These dishes are the best that you'll get

Vegan Snack Food

Vegan Snacks

Make incredible baked sweet potato chips

Try homemade crackers that really crunch

This vegan snack cookbook is super handy

Healthy snacks that are all yours to munch

Roasted garbanzo beans and vegan shakes

Banana muffins and the sweet almonds too

Feast on yummy chips with vegan hummus

Delicious and healthy snack recipes for you

Vegan Junk Food

Vegan Junk Food

Find vegan recipes for the foods you crave

This is the ultimate cookbook of junk food

You won't find any of the nasty ingredients

Vegan treats for when you're in the mood

Eat your favorite junk foods with a twist

There are over two hundred fun recipes

Vegan diets no longer have to be boring

Make vegan junk food when you please

Vegan Books for Fruit Smoothies and Green Smoothies

365 Vegan Smoothies

Start your morning with a vegan smoothie

Fresh fruits and veggies are the way to go

Find recipes for digestion and brain health

Energizing drinks for when you feel slow

Green smoothie recipes for detoxification

Smoothies for helping you to lose weight

With vibrant photos and clear easy steps

This vegan cookbook is healthy and great

Vegan Cookbooks by Cooking Method

Vegan Slow Cooker and Crockpot Cookbooks

Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook

Hundreds of amazing vegan diet recipes

Enjoy the Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook

Prepare veggie-rich full-flavored dishes

Food is ready and you don't have to cook

Use your slow cooker to make breakfast

Have rich stews ready for dinner tonight

Make healthy dishes with minimal fuss

These vegan recipes are designed right

(Come home to a delicious homemade meal every night. These vegan slow cooker cookbooks make it easy for you to try new plant-based recipes with minimal prep time.)

Vegan Instant Pot Cookbooks

Instant Pot Vegan Cookbook

Vegan recipes for breakfasts and sauces

Appetizers, main course meals, and stews

The only meal concern that you will have

Is deciding which vegan recipe to choose

Put your new instant pot to use every day

Invite guests and create dinners with ease

Discover vegan recipes for your instant pot

Fully nutritious and taste-tested to please

(You'll love saving time and money with these vegan Instant Pot cookbooks.)

Vegan Air Fryer Cookbooks

The Vegan Air Fryer

Make plant-based foods without added fats

Enjoy fried-food flavors but still eat oil-free

Use little to no oil with The Vegan Air Fryer

Choose healthier dishes with a vegan recipe

Try jalapeno poppers or veggie dumplings

Potato chips or vegan mac 'n' cheese bites

Your favorite fried foods are all veganized

Skip the oil with these scrumptious delights

(Don't let your air fryer go unused! We have great vegan air fryer cookbooks for you to choose from.)

Vegan Grilling Cookbooks

Grilling Vegan Style

Turn every bite into a backyard barbecue

Fired-up recipes for grilling vegan-style

Invite friends and family over on Sunday

Their taste buds will make them all smile

Enjoy the magic of a summer barbecue

Or have campfire night during the week

Grill veggie kabobs with vegan burgers

Sizzling recipes provide flavors you seek

Cookbooks for Vegan Kids and Families

Vegan Cookbooks for Kids

Vegan Lunch Box

Vegan Lunch Box has amazing lunch recipes

All are meat-free, egg-free, and dairy-free

Gone are boring peanut butter sandwiches

Make vegan lunches that make kids happy

Find tips for feeding the most finicky kids

With an index of the allergy-free recipes

You can remove the nuts, soy, and gluten

Pack lunch boxes that promise to please

Vegan Family Cookbooks

Plant-Powered Families

Over one hundred whole-food vegan recipes

They are all kid-tested and parent-approved

Feed your family healthful plant-based meals

Where animal products have been removed

Make vanilla bean chocolate chip cookies

Start the day with cinnamon French toast

Serve creamy fettuccine for dinner tonight

Your family meals will be reasons to boast

(Your whole family will love these kid-friendly and parent-approved vegan family cookbooks.)

Vegan College Student Cookbooks

PETA'S Vegan College Cookbook

Make simplest and tastiest recipes on a budget

Vegan college food can be so impossible to find

Stay vegan while you're far away and in college

Vegan College Cookbook provides peace of mind

Created to adapt to your real-life college living

For the microwave and mini-fridge you share

Meat-free meals and soups made in an instant

You can stay vegan in college because you care

Vegan Cooking on a Budget

Eat Vegan on $4 a Day

A plant-based diet is great for your health

It can also be healthy for your pocketbook

Remove the pricey processed vegan foods

Here real foods taste as good as they look

Learn to use high-quality basic ingredients

Eat vegan foods and remain budget savvy

Find cash-saving tips and bulk-buying deals

This vegan cookbook helps save you money

Vegan Fast-Cooking Meals

Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F*ck

You want to eat only healthy vegan meals

But short on time you're sheer out of luck

A vegan cookbook has come to your rescue

Behold the Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F*ck

Perfect for health nuts and clueless newbies

Make food faster than they deliver fast food

All the recipes and the language are colorful

Designed for your health and a happy mood

Vegan Holiday Cooking

The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook

Make festive vegan foods for any occasion

Entertaining can be delicious and also fun

The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook

Easily guides you and helps you get it done

Knock the socks off your friends and family

Gone are your days of you having to stress

It is the recipe book you've always needed

Special occasion meals that always impress

Vegan Food Gifts

Vegan Food Gifts

Surprise your friends and your neighbors

Make homemade gifts that they will love

Create, package, and label all vegan treats

Take vegan holiday gifting to a level above

Learn to make do-it-yourself gift baskets

They are eco-conscious and delicious too

Friends appreciate your thoughtfulness

Vegan foodie gifts are a dream come true

Vegan Kitchen Cookbook Essentials

Vegan Food Substitutions

The Complete Guide to Even More Vegan Food Substitutions

Veganize recipes with plant-based ingredients

This complete vegan guide shows you the way

Learn to prepare fantastic plant-based meals

Raise your own cooking confidence every day

Find recipes to replace vegan butters and eggs

Substitute real foods for commercially bought

This is an essential cookbook for your kitchen

With recipes and lessons that are well-taught

Vegan Pantry Staples

The Homemade Vegan Pantry

Create vegan versions of your pantry staples

Make vegan mayo, yogurt, bacon, and cheese

The Homemade Vegan Pantry proves priceless

Save your money and make staples with ease

Make vegan dressings, sauces, and cookies

Vegan soup stocks and cultured sour cream

Raise the bar on the quality of your pantry

This vegan cookbook is a home chef's dream

420-Friendly Vegan Cookbooks

The Vegan Stoner Cookbook

Going vegan can be fun, simple, and easy

The Vegan Stoner Cookbook leads the way

Even a stoner can prepare these recipes

So order this cool vegan cookbook today

Each yummy recipe is highly illustrated

Perfect for slackers and for newbies too

Make snacks when you get the munchies

They are delicious and super easy for you

Cannabis-Infused Vegan Cooking

The Vegan Cannabis Cookbook

Make delicious marijuana-infused edibles

This is the best vegan cannabis cookbook

Incorporate your cannabis in your kitchen

Find treats that taste as good as they look

Prepare plant-based weed snacks at home

With easy CBD-treats and TCH-recipes

Infuse cannabis in chocolate and ice cream

Medical marijuana benefits eaten with ease

(You'll love these vegan cannabis cookbooks and recipes for vegan edibles, too.)

Thanks for going vegan and eating plant-based

Life is better when you give up dairy and meat

We hope you found the ideal vegan cookbook

The one that's perfect for the way that you eat

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