The Best Vegan Energy Bars

A Fun Guide to Plant-Based Energy Bars for Active Vegans

Vegan Energy BarsVegan Energy Bars | Vegan Rhyme

Energy bars make great vegan snacks

They're easy to carry and good to eat

We found the best vegan energy bars

Your dairy-free and high-energy treat

Keep a few bars with your workout gear

Have an energy bar for quick added fuel

Keep some at work for your pick-me-up

Choose from vegan brands that are cool

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The Best Vegan Energy Bar Brands for Plant-Based Diets

Thunderbird Real Food Energy Bars

The Thunderbird Real Food Bars are vegan

Find no added sugar and they're grain-free

The bars are all Non-GMO Project Verified

Loved by athletes to give them clean energy

Elevate your health and indulge your palate

Enjoy simple blends of fruits, nuts, and seeds

Minimally processed bars are the best choice

Give your active body the snack that it needs

NATTi Banana and Cacao Nib Endurance Bar

Toss in your lunchbox, gym bag, or briefcase

Enjoy Nature's energy rich on-the-go snack

Perfectly made for you with two ingredients

For fiber and potassium your body won't lack

Taste the delicious bananas and cacao nibs

One-hundred percent natural and Non-GMO

These vegan endurance bars taste delicious

Carry Natti Bars for clean energy on the go

Redd Superfood Energy Bars

Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Oatmeal

Mint Chocolate, and the Salted Caramel

Try all the Redd superfood energy bars

So nutrient-dense and flavorful as well

Eat one as a slightly caffeinated snack

A light meal replacement occasionally

Superfoods, vitamins, and also minerals

Soy-free vegan bars offer high energy

Bearded Brothers Whole Food Energy Bars

Bearded Brothers whole food energy bars

Packed with fiber, protein, and omega-3's

Good for backpacking, running, and hiking

Wholesome goodness to digest with ease

Try Coconut Mango and Maca Chocolate

Blueberry Vanilla and the Ginger Peach

Carry USDA Organic vegan energy bars

When you are active keep these in reach

Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars

Plant-based bars for easier digestion

Fast absorption and sustained energy

Free from the unnecessary ingredients

These bars are kosher and gluten-free

Try the chocolate chips and almonds

Love the bar with ginger and the miso

These vegan bars have fabulous flavor

Like cherry energy bars with pistachio

YoFiit Midday Energy Bar

A filling vegan snack to tide you over

A well-rounded meal-replacement bar

Don't be tempted to fill up on junk food

This nutritious snack gets you very far

Help your body maintain good digestion

These have prebiotics and probiotics too

Made with chia, quinoa, goji, and cocoa

YoFiit Midday Energy is so good for you

GoMacro Macrobar

Vegan, macrobiotic, and Non-GMO

These plant-based bars taste divine

Sunny Uplift and Balanced Goodness

The Protein Pleasure is incredibly fine

Stock up on convenient Macrobars

Take some to work or gym with you

Easy to snack on and very delicious

Kosher, gluten-free, and organic, too

Rickaroons Coconut Energy Bars

Enjoy Rickaroons Coconut Energy Bars

An organic and gluten-free variety pack

Chocolate Blonde, Megaroon, Mint To Be

For varied taste choices you will not lack

Convenient to keep as vegan travel food

Slow-burning plant fuel for lasting energy

With nutritious coconut and almond butter

These vegan energy bars are also soy-free

VIVOO Organic Raw Energy Bars

Yummy, soft, and chewy energy bars

VIVOO Re-Evolution bars are unique

Made with raw cacao nibs and reishi

Giving you the vegan energy you seek

Taste raisins, cashews, and apricots

Almonds and the sweetest of dates

A plant-based breakfast on the run

No prep time and no washing plates

purely elizabeth Grain Free Superfood Bar

Bars made with a powerful reishi extract

Enjoy the benefits with no mushroom taste

Certified Gluten-Free and Certified Vegan

These energy bars will be devoured in haste

Made specially for you by purely elizabeth

A great superfood bar that's also grain-free

Taste all the goodness of banana nut butter

Vegan energy bars for a plant-based family

RBAR Energy and Protein Bar

Buy a five-flavor variety sample pack

Experience RBAR Energy and Protein

Try the Prickly Pear Pecan Energy Bar

The best flavor that you've ever seen

Lemon Poppyseed or Cranberry Cashew

Peanut Butter and Jelly is always so cool

These are small batch vegan energy bars

Plant-based goodness for your body's fuel

Evo Hemp Cold Pressed Hemp Energy Bar

Delight in cold-pressed hemp energy bars

Evo Hemp bars are perfectly vegan and raw

Enjoy the juicy fruit taste and nutty crunch

Energy bars that body and mind will adore

Evo Hemp is made with natural hemp protein

With all the amino acids and omega-three's

Feast on Mango Macadamia Raw Energy Bars

Stay energized and naturally alert with ease

The GFB Gluten Free Snack Bars

The Gluten Free Bars are all vegan

They are high in fiber and Non-GMO

Healthy bars for everyday snacking

Carry them with you wherever you go

Coconut Cashew Crunch is delicious

Dark Chocolate Coconut is a dream

Oatmeal Raisin is perfect for breakfast

Share vegan snacks with the whole team

Better Than Coffee Energy Bars

These energy bars contain caffeine

Powered by guarana and maca too

Dark roast coffee and dark chocolate

Made for true coffee lovers like you

Try Better Than Coffee Energy Bars

Completely vegan and gluten-free

Don't use if you're caffeine sensitive

Vegan bars with caffeine for energy

Find More Healthy Vegan Snacks

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Amrita Energy Bars are also plant-based

All Non-GMO Certified, kosher, and raw

Energy bars make easy convenient snacks

For other snacking needs we found more

Try the hummus spread on vegan crackers

Discover your favorite vegan jerky brand

The clean energy balls are incredibly yum

And vegan protein bars never taste bland

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