The Best Vegan Hot Chocolate

Vegan Hot ChocolateVegan Hot Chocolate | Vegan Rhyme

A Fun Guide to Vegan Hot Chocolate and Hot Cocoa

Savor a cup of vegan hot chocolate

Enjoy the aroma and love the taste

Feel content and really comforted

Sip slowly and don't drink in haste

Find great brands to choose from

So soon you will discover the best

Delight in creamy dairy-free cocoa

Fuel your soul with chocolaty zest

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Lakanto Drinking Chocolate

Made with a premium cocoa powder

Lakanto hot chocolate is sugar-free

Indulge in your favorite hot beverage

This is vegan and contains no dairy

Sweetened with a proprietary blend

Enjoy drinking chocolate hot or cold

Lakanto is gluten-free and Non-GMO

With a chocolaty taste that's so bold

Coop's Cocoa Felice Hot Chocolate Mix

Experience the finest European chocolate

Coop's Cocoa Felice Hot Chocolate Mix

Combine your favorite plant-based milk

Delicious to drink and really easy to fix

This cocoa blend has no artificial anything

There are no additives and it is Non-GMO

Curl up with a cup of vegan hot chocolate

Savor the aroma, breathe, and sip it slow

Golden Goddess Chocolate Elixir with Turmeric

Try Golden Goddess Chocolate Elixir

A healthy beverage that tastes divine

Created with the best medicinal herbs

With cacao and water they all combine

Find organic raw cacao from Ecuador

KSM-66 ashwagandha and turmeric

For weight loss, stress, and memory

This vegan beverage will do the trick

CocoRinga Moringa Hot Chocolate

Hot cocoa with pre- and probiotics

It is high in protein and non-dairy

The Healthiest Cocoa in the World

Fiber-rich and extremely healthy

A natural unprocessed Dutch cocoa

With minerals and enzymes as well

The moringa is Nature's superfood

A healthful cocoa that tastes swell

Lake Champlain Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate

Add your favorite non-dairy milk

Enjoy a mug of hot cocoa tonight

This is Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate

With a taste that is a rich delight

Blended with cinnamon and vanilla

Plus a touch of cayenne pepper too

Experience exotic spices and aromas

A vegan hot cocoa created for you

Bixby Rich Dark Vegan Drinking Chocolate

Made with just a touch of cinnamon

This Bixby beverage is rich and dark

Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa

Non-GMO, vegan, and hits the mark

European-style with real chocolate

Organic chocolate that's gluten-free

Treat yourself to its amazing flavors

And live each moment so deliciously

Equal Exchange Organic Dark Hot Chocolate

This is Equal Exchange Fairly Traded

Small farmer grown specially for you

So rich and so dark and so decadent

A vegan's dream has now come true

Mix with your favorite non-dairy milk

Coconut, soy, hemp, almond, or rice

Indulge in fairly traded yumminess

Organic hot chocolate is really nice

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix

Enjoy a vast array of health benefits

Relax your body and calm your mind

Chill with Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix

A vegan chocolate drink that is kind

With log-grown red reishi mushrooms

This Four Sigmatic beverage is unique

Love the dark, bold chocolate flavors

Combined with the benefits you seek

More Organic Vegan Chocolate Treats

Enjoy more great vegan chocolate

Find gift boxes and truffles for you

Organic bars, ice cream, and candy

Great chocolate-chip cookies too

Make vegan chocolate if you choose

Discover cookbooks that you can buy

Make yummy gifts for all your friends

Think of the sweet treats you can try

~ Vegan Rhyme

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