The Best Vegan Jerky Brands

A Fun Guide to Vegan Jerky for Plant-Based Diets

Vegan JerkyVegan Jerky | Vegan Rhyme

Louisville, Stonewall's, and Vegan Dream

Lightlife, Primal Spirit Foods, and Unisoy

The best vegan jerky that you'll ever find

Great vegan snack foods for you to enjoy

Plant-based jerky made using coconuts

Portobello mushrooms and soy beans too

The smartest jerky brands on the planet

All cruelty-free and plant-based for you

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The Best Plant-Based Jerky for Vegan Snack Attacks

Primal Strips Meatless Jerky

All-natural, high-protein vegan snacks

Both texture and taste are simply best

Primal Strips make the greatest jerky

All of their flavors pass the taste test

Hot and Spicy and Hickory Smoked

Texas BBQ and the Mesquite Lime

Made with soy, seitan, and shiitake

Cruelty-free jerky is free of crime

Unisoy Vegan Jerky

Mild Spicy, Black Pepper, and Teriyaki

Original plant-based jerky from Unisoy

This is cruelty-free and also Non-GMO

Plant-protein snacking for you to enjoy

A road trip snack for on-the-go vegans

A quick midday craving solution for you

Responsibly sourced natural ingredients

This plant-based jerky is so yummy too

Lightlife Meatless Smart Jerky

Enjoy Lightlife Meatless Smart Jerky

Try both the Original and the Teriyaki

Lightlife is Non-GMO Project Verified

This tasty Smart Jerky is cruelty-free

Nine grams of veggie protein per serving

An emergency snack to have in your car

Keep it on hand when you are traveling

It won't melt like a vegan chocolate bar

Sam's Harvest Jerky

Created with the best Non-GMO soy beans

Sam's Harvest Jerky is made without wheat

Cholesterol-free ingredients are all-natural

With a taste and texture that cannot be beat

Refuel with delicious plant-based protein

Savor the special blend of flavorful spice

Conquer mountains and cross over rivers

Vegan energy feels so good and tastes nice

Vegan Dream Jerky

A one-hundred percent vegan product

Vegan Dream Jerky is always Non-GMO

Backpacking, camping, or sports events

This plant-based snack is the way to go

Fill up with fourteen grams of protein

Artisan-crafted to taste the very best

You can go vegan and still enjoy jerky

Plant-based is superior to all the rest

Stonewall’s Jerquee

Stonewall's Jerquee is a trusted brand

This cool flavor is Peppy "Pepperoni"

Eat your snack straight from the bag

Or microwave for a sizzling hot jerky

Fall in love with the smokiest flavor

Enjoy a texture that's good to chew

Share this vegan snack with others

Buy enough so there's plenty for you

Cocoburg Coconut Jerky

Vegan Coconut Jerky is insanely delicious

Treat yourself to this variety sample pack

Once you taste cruelty-free yummy jerky

In your entire life you will never go back

Ginger Teriyaki, Chili Lime, and Original

The small-batch jerky is preservative-free

Coconut aminos and young coconut meat

Plant-based Cocoburg snacks are so tasty

Backattack Snacks the Forager's Jerky

Backattack Snacks the Forager's Jerky

This is made in small batches by hand

Locally sourced portobello mushrooms

A unique jerky that's vegan and grand

Eat as a snack or add to vegan meals

Create a vegan stock with extra taste

It is gluten-free with no added sugar

A Forager's snack won't go to waste

Seva Foods Coconut Jerky

All Non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy-free

Coconut jerky plant-based meat snacks

Easy to enjoy and easy to carry with you

They'll be waiting when hunger attacks

Thick hearty chunks of coconut meat

With an aroma and taste that's so fresh

Savor all of the finest herbs and spices

Together the flavors all magically mesh

iGreeen+ Soy Steak Jerky

Spicy chicken flavor with crushed peppers

It's Non-GMO, all natural, and vegan, too

Soy Steak Jerky is absolutely incredible

With soy protein that is healthy for you

Enjoy as your snack right out of the bag

Add to vegan soups for flavor that's fine

With more protein and less fat than tofu

This plant-based protein snack is divine

Dr. Amy's Organics VERKY Organic Veggie Jerky

It's low in fat and low in sodium

This is Dr. Amy's Organics Verky

Each bag has only thirty calories

Feast on Organic Veggie Jerky

Free from soy, wheat, and sugar

This eggplant jerky is totally raw

Slightly sweet and slightly salty

Taste it and you will crave more

Mighty Bee Organic Vegan Coconut Jerky

Raw, vegan, paleo, and also organic

Coconut jerky made by Mighty Bee

Using flesh of young Thai coconuts

The sticky sweet sauce is teriyaki

Containing medium-chain fatty acids

This delicious jerky is a healthy snack

Always gluten-free and high in fiber

Coconut meat for your snack attack

Vegan Jerky Sampler Gift Box

A perfect vegan gift for all jerky lovers

A sample box for vegan foodies like you

Try numerous plant-based jerky brands

Eight different flavors and all vegan too

This sampler gift box is a great choice

Send to vegan students away at school

Great for Christmas gifts or birthdays

Vegan snacks are welcomed and cool

Treat Yourself to More Yummy Vegan Snacks

The Best Vegan Snacks on the Planet

Louisville Vegan Jerky is undeniably awesome

We have other fantastic vegan snacks for you

Vegan energy bars, fruit snacks, and crackers

Raw trail mix, protein bars, and kale chips, too

Vegan peanut butter cups and vegan cookies

Vegan chocolates that are decadent and fine

Enjoy trying all new plant-based snack foods

Today's vegan choices are varied and divine

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