The Best Vegan Pea Soup

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A Fun Guide to Vegan Pea Soups

Find yummy vegan split pea soups

Open a handy carton, a can, or a jar

Choose dry mixes for extra value

On a budget these will get you far

Purchase a cup for meals on the go

Add water and you're ready to eat

Split pea soup is hearty and healthy

A satisfying vegan quick meal treat

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Dr. McDougall's Right Foods Vegan Split Pea Soup

By Dr. McDougall's Right Foods

Enjoy your cup of dry soup mix

Individual servings are perfect

On the go these are easy to fix

It is like a long-simmered soup

So rich, and smoky, and thick

Vegan split pea soup for lunch

Very convenient and so quick

Karine & Jeff Fine French Cuisine Split Pea Soup

Experience French split pea soup

It is both vegan and gluten-free

Soup is ready to eat after heating

USDA Organic and really healthy

Made with cabbage and carrots

Organic onions and herbs too

Try this Karine and Jeff specialty

Steam cooked and ready for you

Amy's Organic Soups Light in Sodium Split Pea

Vegan split pea soup from Amy's

Light in sodium and also low-fat

Enjoy the convenience of a can

Ready to heat at the drop of a hat

Organic split peas and vegetables

The flavors are delicate and light

Using fifty-percent less sodium

Amy's soup tastes perfectly right

Harmony House Foods Split Pea Soup Mix

You can eat vegan on a budget

Find thirty servings in this jar

Season your soup how you like

This split pea mix stretches far

Low in fat and low in sodium

Kosher, vegan, and gluten-free

Made by Harmony House Foods

Keeps for two years in a pantry

Imagine Organic Sweet Pea Creamy Soup

Enjoy this Imagine Organic soup

For convenience this can't be beat

Gluten-free, vegan, and Non-GMO

In just a flash you are ready to eat

Simmered in garden veggie stock

Sweet pea soup is really creamy

With a perfectly smooth texture

This soup taste is so very dreamy

More Fantastic Vegan Soups

Vegan pea soup is quite delicious

Discover other vegan soups too

Try miso, butternut, or black bean

Find lentil soups made just for you

Naturally all these soups are vegan

Which means they are all dairy-free

Soups make filling, nutritious snacks

Homemade soups can be made easily

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