A Vegan Poem by Vegan Sage

My son wrote this vegan poem shortly after he chose to go vegan.

This is his message.

A Vegan Poem by Vegan Sage

For Those Without a Voice by Vegan Sage

I begin with a story of a man without a name

Though today I shall call him Alfred

Born in a prison and motherless raised

Six months in all no more

One day without warning and no moments notice

His sleep interrupted to his own execution

Stabbed in the throat in the typical fashion as expected from his status

One would wish me to spare the details but they become normal with this next line

Alfred was a pig


Then in another time in another place in another life entirely

I begin with a one named Sue

Sue was wandering one day out in the open or as she thought

But an unstoppable force soon took hold

Sue began to realise that she could not breath

But soon enough all the shaking stopped

Sue was a fish


In one different scenario yet again we find Gadsden

At this time a life of no more than three years

Luckier than Alfred he may seem but in this case longer life is a more tragic one

As in life and as in death they are more similar than they first appear with one key difference

Gadsden was a cow


Then comes Sophie an interesting story more than the ones previously said

For she was rather valued in life with her death or rather lack of utility surrounded by dread

She had bore as many young as possible but raising them was not what gave her meaning

No that was not it so much so they were never allowed to see each other

They would take something from her others claimed they wanted

Sophie was a dairy cow


Lastly there were Ed and Eve

Ed lived in a grand chamber whose size would leave you jaded

If you knew thousands of others together with him lived in the same light faded

In no confinement besides the outer walls but that would never change

For those fallacies that we all know bring their names cage-free and free range

Ed of course was a chicken


Eve however was a bit different

Eve like Sophie was valued as a life that would end when her labour was enough

As she in a sense was analogous to her as much as their labour was rough

It seems to me their flesh is not all that demands their suffering seen

For their mere use in just about any sort is enough for none to intervene

Thus I recall

Eve was an egg-laying hen


In the virtues and the strengths and the thoughts and the prose of the words they would speak if they could

We would hear but the screams and the pains of their voice in the words that do follow as they would

For they live without light without love without those that would care and would know to be good

But no all for nought as they stay prevented from existing in the ways that they certainly should


This isn’t okay

Their suffering is not acceptable

Do not tilt your heads away


Save The Animals

Go Vegan


by Vegan Sage

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